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A giant figure whose body was completely black. The tyrannical aura in his eyes was incomparable. With a single glance, he seemed to be the master of this world. Everything in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms had to submit under his feet. This devil figure was just too terrifying, it was like the ultimate devil lord of the entire world.


Among the eight godkings, there were buddhas, devils, demons and deities. The western world Buddha Sovereign and Grand Devil Lord were existences that had been in opposition against each other from the start. One was a buddha, the other a devil. 


Similar to Godking Desolate, his body was seized and controlled by the Buddha Sovereign.

Godking Desolate and the Grand Devil Lord were both ancient godkings but the Grand Devil Lord seemed to be directly possessed by the Buddha Sovereign. He could even unleash the power of fate-related dao arts and was evidently stronger compared to the heaven devouring demon godking.