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Every hundred years, the Lifelong Realmlord would gather the nine world palace lords to Lifelong City. This was also the time the nine world palace lords handed over the collected tributes. For the nine world palace lords, the territories under them had to pay tributes every ten years. As for the Realmlord, he collected the tributes once every hundred years. Every hundred years, there would be a grand event organized. Not only for experts of the nine world palaces, some of the peak powers in the Lifelong Realm would gather here as well to enjoy the banquet.


Below the stairways of the Lifelong Saint Hall, countless people gathered there. No one stood in the air, those who flew here had already descended before they arrived and walked on the ground. They could only incline their heads to stare at the Realmlord's statue, this was a mark of respect to the Realmlord.

Outside the Lifelong Saint Hall, ten tall platforms could be seen. The nine platforms were each located facing the nine directions, and they were roughly about 9,000 meters in height. Above each of the platforms, a treasured throne could be seen. These seats were naturally for the nine world palace lords, it was to show others their esteemed statuses. In the center, there was another separate platform that was extremely large. This platform could easily accommodate tens of thousands of people, it even resembled a training ground. All those hegemons that governed the territories on behalf of the Lifelong Realmlord, would all gather here today.

Battle of the Grand Banquet - Martial Path Competition/Lifelong City

This grand banquet only occurs once every hundred years. The Lifelong Realmlord would gather all the subordinates under his empyreans and the other major powers together. The main purpose was for him to bond with his subordinates while enjoying good food and wine at the same time, as well as choosing good seedlings. As this was a strength-oriented world, one's height in the martial path was naturally the thing held in highest expectations by everyone. This was especially so if one could perform well in front of the Realmlord. Leaving aside the huge rewards, this was a rare chance to make an impression on the Realmlord. A chance that comes only once per hundred years.

All of them understood that this wasn't just the chance for a simple spar. For those true elites, they might have a chance to be used by the Realmlord. Currently, many people with high status in the Lifelong Saint Hall, including the various palace lords and governors, were all discovered through this once-per-hundred years opportunity. The Lifelong Realm also wouldn't intentionally make movements to spot for geniuses. This once-per-hundred-years grand banquet was already a good enough platform with the highest probability of true elites emerging. As long as one was a genius, there was no way they would miss this chance. Also, the participants were all at the immortal emperor level. Once they were selected, they would be given high positions by the Lifelong Realmlord, helping him to manage his territories or be in charge of other matters.

Many of the participants were from the various major powers of the Lifelong Realm, as well as some experts from the territories managed by the nine world palaces. They came all the way here to fight for a chance, if they could enter the top ten, not only would they be rewarded by the Realmlord, they even had the opportunity to be selected for some official positions. Even if they didn't manage to get into the top ten, as long as they were outstanding enough, they still had a chance to make an impression on the Realmlord and who knows, the Realmlord might truly give them some heavy responsibilities in the future.


  • Those who come here can enter the emperor-level battle to spar against each other and fight for the top ten. The winners will be heavily rewarded.
  • It's enough to stop once victory is determined. As long as one side concedes, the battle must cease. The rules for this is very simple, all of you will stand at the boundary of the platform, and can step out if you wish. Those who step out can challenge whoever you want to, and the remaining ten on the battle platform at the end will naturally be ranked the top ten.


Participants Affiliation
Di Tian Emperor Pavilion
Xiao Mo Sword Spirit Sect
Blackhand Immortal Emperor Allheaven Sect
Xuanyuan Dipper Xuanyuan Aristocrat Clan
Skydragon Saint Child Divine Dragon Cult
Sword Ion Sword Spirit Sect
Gatekeeper of the Ancient Sacred Tomb Ancient Sacred Tomb Sect
Purple Yang Immortal Emperor N/A
Poison Saint's disciple N/A
Lord Heartseize N/A

Notable Battles

Challenger Challenged Type Winner
Xiao Mo Di Tian Defeated Di Tian
Blackhand Immortal Emperor Di Tian Defeated Di Tian
Gatekeeper of the Ancient Sacred Tomb Di Tian Defeated Di Tian
Di Tian Skydragon Saint Child Defeated Di Tian
Sword Ion Lord Heartseize Defeated Sword Ion
Di Tian Poison Saint's disciple Defeated Di Tian
Xuanyuan Dipper Purple Yang Immortal Emperor Defeated Xuanyuan Dipper
Sword Ion Di Tian Defeated Di Tian
Di Tian Xuanyuan Dipper Defeated Di Tian

Battle of the Grand Banquet - Nine World Palaces


  • Each palace will chose someone to fight against the eight other each round. For example, in the round 1 the Lifire World Palace chose Jialan Monarch (0V-8D), second round they chose Xia Hou (4V-4D)
  • For this competition between the nine world palaces, each palace could select fourteen experts to participate and all of them were either governors or monarchs under the empyreans. Hence, there would be fourteen rounds of battle.

Round 1

Participants Affiliation
Mo Kaishan Governor of Desolate Heaven City
Xuanyuan Yu Xuanyuan World Palace
Jialan Monarch Monarch of Jialan Emperor City

Battles Rounds (Round 1)

Challenger Challenged Type Winner
Mo Kaishan Jialan Monarch Defeated Mo Kaishan
Xuanyuan Yu Jialan Monarch Defeated Xuanyuan Yu

Results (at the 8th round)

  • When the eighth round ended, the Desolate Heaven Palace already had three #1 ranks, two #2 ranks, two #4 rank, one #5 rank. Such a terrifying achievement undoubtedly proved their strength as the number one palace. The second place currently was the Skyair Palace, followed by the Xuanyuan, Gemini and Dragonsaddle Palaces.

Round 14

The 14th Round is the last round and the round where the palace lord send their strongest subordinate

World Palace Participant V D
Skyair World Palace Ye Kong
Desolate Heaven World Palace Fuzhan
Lifire World Palace Qin Wentian 8 0