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The Time King was an expert of the first generation in the Mystic Region and was a character that could shock the heavens and earth, ghosts and gods. Back then, the Time King who was the ruler of the Mystic Region, caused the other rulers of the regions to feel fear.


In the ancient era, during the time where the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms were divided into eight regions by the first generations of heavenly deities, one of the eight heavenly deities originated precisely from this city. That was a legendary character that was given the title Time King, there were also others who referred to him as the Godking of Time. In order to commemorate the city he was born in this city was renamed Time City. It was said that that the Time Realm was the realm the Time King had cultivated in when he was still alive.

He was the first generation overlord, Time King, was equivalent to the peak characters from the three hegemonic powers combined together. He is immensely powerful and was the same level as that existence from the Pureland of Bliss of the Universe Region. He left his inheritance here in the Time Realm. There are some rumors stating that he has surpassed time and headed to the future and the past. There are also rumors saying that he was pursuing the ultimate dao of time, seeking to control the river of time.

The Time King hoped that he would be able to truly control time to a complete degree.