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This person was from the period of time when the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms were divided into eight great regions, the first generation king of the Heaven Region.


He was born in the immortal realms and could cultivate like all the other living things. His hometown was none other than Boundless City that lies beside the Boundless Ocean.

Finally, he reached the apex of this world and became one of the strongest existences. But to his sorrow, he discovered that he was merely still an inconsequential existence living under the shadows of the nine heavenly layers. For stellar martial cultivators, we borrow astral energy from the constellations to cultivate. However, where did the constellations originate from? Were they created by a supreme expert, becoming the origin of our cultivations?

When he grew strong enough, he finally started to explore the nine heavenly layers, wanting to find out the truth about them. In fact, he even suspected that there might be a supreme existence who created the nine heavenly layers and this universe for them to live in.

People of the world stated that human will would triumph over the heavens. When one's cultivation reached the peak, they would control heavenly dao. His will would be heaven's will, representing the heavenly dao. Isn't this enough to cause one to feel pride? But so what. Controlling a heavenly dao? He was still underneath the nine heavenly layers. Since humans could triumph over the heavens, why can't he surpass the nine heavens? Why must he be limited to a cultivation situation created by the nine heavens? He was unwilling to accept this and wished to prove the ultimate truth of cultivation. Hence, he came to the top of the nine heavenly layers, wanting to leave this area. The boundless universe, would there be other worlds appearing? If this entire world consists of the thirty-three immortal realms and the billions of particle worlds, including the nine heavenly layers, would this world he live in actually be as small as a particle world to the perspectives of others?

He don't want to accept this. He wish to transcend this entire world. He don't want the nine heavenly layers to be above him, they should be a part of his cultivation instead of his cultivation having originated from them. His dao must be the supreme one, in a position of dominance, above the nine heavenly layers. He has already verified his dao and became a heavenly deity that stood at the very peak, an existence known as a godking. But he wasn't satisfied with this. He wanted to transcend everything, controlling everything under the nine heavens.

Ultimately, he still got stuck at that final step and failed in the end. He hoped someone would be able to step across the gap and allow him to see the view at the absolute top. He want to be shown that there truly is a world other than ours, to see what's the true scenery of that place outside of the nine heavenly layers. Hence, he decided to transform my body into the Heaven Vault.

The Heaven Vault was actually the body of a supreme expert. The Heaven Vault had a pathway that could lead people up to the nine heavenly layers. The tiny astral-being is something transformed from his soul. It can encompass the nine heavens but if one wish to gain its secret, he need to absorb the astral energy of every constellation in the nine heavenly layers, then this tiny astral-being shall become his final astral soul.