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Godking Gu was one of the eight godkings of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, the one who ruled the Yellow Region. Yue Changkong is his reincarnation.


Among the eight godkings, there was an extremely evil and terrifying existence. He wanted to use the multitude of lives of the world to establish his dao. It was incomparably cruel and his name was Godking Gu.

Godking Gu's life was legendary, it was rumored that only a very few people knew his name because he was an orphan. However, he grew famous because of this and according to some of the limited ancient records, Godking Gu's background was an extremely miserable one. This led to him hating life and treated the lives of people as weeds, basically not having any regards for lives at all. He was also incomparably cruel and once ruled the Yellow Region with an iron-fist. The people of the Yellow Region all felt fear towards him.

Godking Gu had a myriad of incarnations, he is said to be an undying existence, and was also capable of devouring the energies of others for his own use. He could transform into anyone, he cultivated the evil dao and set off on a path of no return. These rumors coincided with a certain person in this era. That person was none other than Yue Changkong. Yue Changkong was none other than the reincarnation of one of the eight great ancient godkings, Godking Gu.