Although formations were different from the martial path, but the grand dao unites everything. Usually, the stronger someone was, the greater the power their formations would have.


For contending against each other in the dao of formations, there were three method.

  • Formation Breaking : when two grandmasters would set up their formations and they would then mutually try to break each other's formations.
  • Martial Formation : was a type of warring formation, and the experts would directly spar against each other. However, during the sparring process, they were only permitted to borrow power from their respective formation and the usage of innate techniques and arts were forbidden. Out of all three methods, the requirements for the martial formations are in fact the highest. Ordinary grandmasters wouldn't be able to achieve the borrowing of power from their formations during sparring. One had to establish the formations they wanted with a single thought, this was something ordinary grandmasters couldn't do.
  • Battle Formation : was also a type of warring formation, but it was slightly different. The two grandmasters would first set up their formations and entered it for the sake of controlling it. The purpose was to see which of the two formations were stronger.
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