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Fan Ye is the daughter of Fan Le and Xuan Xin


Her personality was extremely vivacious and mischievous even resembled Fan Le somewhat. Her upbringing was so lacking to the point where she would directly curse at others outright. 


A beautiful young woman.


Her name was Fan Ye. Although she should be about one to two years old according to the passing time of the external world, she had already grown up due to growing up in the Heaven Vault's minor worlds.


She was seen for the first time when the Karma Buddha came to visit the Qin Heavenly Divine Sect. He transmited to her a buddhist skill allowing her to read mental transmission.

She was curious about the outside world and wished to explore it because she has never seen it before. She asked her mother permission but her mother was worried and wasn't fond of the idea when she had everything in the Qin Heavenly Divine Sect. She couldn't disturb her godfather to help her either, so she asked Little Rascal to bring her to see the world outside of the divine cities. He agreed and took her out for a spin above the Boundless Sea.

She truly enjoyed the life she had these few months. The world outside is really so beautiful. She encountered many people and many matters, all of these were things that the Heaven Vault didn't have. The Heaven Vault was more like a big family.

When they saw an ancient buddhist temple, Fan Ye wanted to see it so they went over but the buddha statues and a stange black fog somehow attacked them and Fan Ye was captured. That was a plot between the Pureland of Bliss and Yue Changkong to bring Qin Wentian out. Fan Ye was also targeted because the monk that imparted her a buddhist art. At that time, he had already planted a seed of karma in Fan Ye's body. This type of dao couldn't be broken save for the person who planted it. No one would be able to find it as well. When Qin Wentian and Little Rascal came to save her, she was already dead, a skeleton.


Qin Wentian

She was filled with worship for Qin Wentian. Ouyang Qinxin and her had always treated Qin Wentian as a father-figure, Also, because their fathers would sometimes be strict with them, Qin Wentian would always defend them and he doted on them. Hence, they acted more unrestrained before Qin Wentian.

Little Rascal

The two of them would bicker often and they were already used to it. Although Little Rascal was a demon god, his personality was no different from a child. Because Qin Wentian doted on them both alot, Fan Ye would frequently play with Little Rascal. The two of them actually had a very close relationship. Little Rascal had always doted on her and accompanied her when she was growing up.