One of the Eight Era-Suppressing Geniuses, the only female in the ranking and ranked at the #7 positiont of the Immortal Martial Realm. She lost to Qin Wentian in the Group Battle of Heroes, effectively finishing second overall.


Her long hair fluttered in the wind and although she wasn’t old, she exuded a noble and elegant beauty that was a pleasant contrast to Lou Bingyu’s. Both her eyes were extremely clear with many stories that could be seen in them. It felt as though her eyes could speak!


Fan Miaoyu was the only female within the Eight Era-Suppressing Geniuses. She and Chi Lian had two identities, for her, she was the Holy Maiden from the Tianfan Sect as well as a disciple of the Forgotten Immortal Tower.

In the Royal Sacred Region, many geniuses from reclusive sects or powerful clans would be sent to join the Nine Great Sects, providing them with better resources to grow. There was nothing strange about it. Not only that, if those people reached a stronger boundary of strength, the major power they were in was more than happy to allow them to join a power of higher tier so as not to restrict their development. This was not a short sighted judgement, but rather acknowledging that there were some people who were already destined to never stay. The major powers they were in could only allow them to do what they wanted, aiding them in walking towards a vaster and more brilliant stage.

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