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The Fallen Devil Island is the largest island within the Fallen Devil Region. It's also the strongest devil island and the sovereign of the entire region stays here. This island was so vast that it was like an entire world, containing a countless number of experts as well as astronomical amounts of cultivation resources.


Sky Suspension Devil Palace : On the Fallen Devil Island, the building which symbolized the majesticness of the island most, was none other than the Sky Suspension Devil Palace. The myriad of islands in the Myriad Devil Islands were originally floating in the air, and as for this palace, it floated above the Fallen Devil Island, as though it was an entity separate from the world. This Sky Suspension Devil Palace was naturally the residence of the devil emperor.

This devil palace gave off a transcendent feeling, causing many to worship it. There were four stairways in the four directions leading up to this floating devil palace. And in each direction, there were four different devil sects. Within each of these sects, was a supreme character. The four supreme characters, who were the masters of the four devil sects, were none other than the four devil king generals under the devil emperor.

Thousand Arts Devil Nest : This Devil Nest was an extremely famous place on the Fallen Devil Island, named the Thousand Arts Devil Nest.There were guards outside, and usually, one of the four devil sects would use the devil nest as the criteria of selection for new disciples. As long as one could exit the Devil Nest within a stipulated time, they can choose to join under any of the four devil kings who were subordinates of the devil emperor. According to the jade slips, this devil nest has the name of Thousand Arts Devil Nest. There are many different kinds of innate techniques and cultivation arts of the devil path there. The vast majority of them emphasize on attack. 

Devil Rankings

On the Fallen Devil Island, there were two rankings - the Devil King Rankings as well as the Devil Rankings. Devil King Ranking is the record of the strongest devil king characters on the Fallen Devil Island. The Devil Ranking is the record for the most outstanding experts at the devil-foundation realm on the Fallen Devil Island.

Rankers of the Devil Rankings : Old Chai (Top2), Xia Yuan (Top2), Ba Xiao (3rd), Ye Zimo