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Senior sisters, listen to me. I'm already his woman. His matters are my matters, this is a very ordinary concept. If he dies, I shall die together with him. But if I die, he would definitely take revenge and wouldn't die so needlessly. Do you all want to see us both dying, or would you allow Qing`er to protect the life of the man I love?[1]
— Qing`er talking about her plan to resolve the crisis of Qin Wentian

Evergreen Qing`er (Changqing Qing`er) is the daughter of Evergreen Immortal Emperor. Princess of Evergreen Immortal Empire.

Disciple of Matriarch Ji. Qing`er is Qin Wentian's second wife. She helped Qin Wentian multiple times when he was below the Celestial Phenomenon realm in his particle world. She has an inborn Immortal King Physique.



She was so beautiful that she left people breathless. Qing`er’s beauty transcended mortality, an icy coldness, resembling a celestial maiden that descended from the Heavens. Her demeanor was cold and aloof , her aura extraordinary and pristine, appearing as though she was someone not of the mortal world.

After the war in the Evergreen Empire and Qin Wentian's "death" her hair turned a pure white.


She was a woman of few words, and would not show herself often. Yet, she would always be there at crucial moments. She is cold and distant. The ways of the world, and human emotions, she was completely clueless making her somehow adorable.

After the war in the Evergreen Empire and Qin Wentian's "death" she became incomparably cold and lethal. She earned the name 'White Hair Killing Goddess" for her appearance, her power and, her truly cold personality.


Cultivation Progress Chapter
Body Refinement
Arterial Circulation
Heavenly Dipper 1st Level 181
2nd Level 294
3rd Level 514
4th Level
5th Level
6th Level
7th Level 608
8th Level 897
9th Level
Celestial Phenomenon 1st Level
2nd Level
3rd Level
4th Level
5th Level
6th Level
7th Level
8th Level
9th Level
Immortal Foundation 1st Stage 1084
2nd Stage
3rd Stage 1146
4th Stage
5th Stage
6th Stage 1211
7th Stage 1213
8th Stage 1486
9th Stage
Immortal King Initial
Middle 1498
Peak 1674
Immortal Emperor Initial
Peak 1733
World Overlord 1812
Heavenly Deity 1950


Many people in the immortal realms knew that the Evergreen Immortal Emperor sent Qing`er away when she was just a baby and only brought her back to the immortal empire after everything has calmed down. It was then that the Evergreen Immortal Emperor granted her her princess title.granted her her princess title. Not many people knew the true name of Princess Qing`er and many people thought that Qing`er itself was her full name. However, the Evergreen Immortal Emperor allowed her to take on the empire's namesake, making it so that her name was Evergreen Qing`er. From this, one should be able to sense how much doting love the Evergreen Immortal Emperor had for this youngest daughter of his.

She was naturally send to the particle world of the Royal Sacred Region where she met Fairy Qingmei then later Qin Wentian.


  • Immortal-Slaying Diagram
  • Green-Lotus Sacred Compendium : the secret art of the Evergreen Immortal Emperor. It’s extremely mysterious and it’s rumored that once activated, the user’s strength will explosively increase. But she have first injure herself and endure extreme pain before she could even use this art


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