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When Bai Autumn Snow shocked Chu Country by forming an innate connection with one of the constellations of the 3rd layer. All the representatives of the various prestigious academies in the Royal Capital came to recruit her and at the same time conduct an enrollment exercise in Sky Harmony City conducted by the representatives of the various prestigious academies in the Royal Capital : Emperor Star Academy, Royal Academy, Divine Wind Academy and the Seven Stars Academy.

First round

The first round of the examination, is to determine the level of talent for sensing the Yuan Qi from Heaven and Earth, as well as sensing the Astral Qi from the constellations.

Participants Yuan Qi of Heaven

and Earth

Astral Qi
Ning Feng 6-Star 4-Star
Chen Yu 7-Star 3-Star
Lin Yue 6-Star
Bai Autumn Snow 7-Star 8-Star
Qin Wentian 5-Star 9-Star

Second Round

The minimum requirement of the second round was that one must at least have the strength level of 36 bulls. However, that was only the minimum requirement. There was no guarantee that it was sufficient for one to enter one of the four great academies just based on that level of strength. Every reverberation of the drum equates to the strength level of 10 bulls. Everyone will have three attempts.

Participants First Drum Second Drum Third Drum Academy joined
Lin Yue 66 bulls Divine Wind Academy
Chen Yu Seven Stars Academy
Ning Feng Divine Wind Academy
Bai Autumn Snow 50 bulls 70 bulls Royal Academy
Qin Wentian 30 bulls 50 bulls 80 bulls Emperor Star Academy