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This is the most prestigious academy of Chu Country. Mustang is one of it's most powerful teachers and takes Qin Wentian as his disciple. Emperor Star Academy has many powerful experts in the shadows as well as a very important secret, especially for Qin Wentian, at the start of his journey.


The history of the academy is even longer than that of the Chu Country. The founder is known as the Viridian Emperor. It’s said that 3,000 years ago, there was only a handful of Stellar Martial Cultivators. Thus, the Viridian Emperor founded the Emperor Star Academy, heralding in a new age of Stellar Martial Cultivators.


Currently the Emperor Star Academy is fully helmed by Stellar Martial Cultivators. The upper management consists of the principal, 3 vice-principals, 9 supreme elders, 36 elders, as well as an unknown amount of guest elders. And as the rest of the school population, those are all students.

The students of the Emperor Star Academy are only considered to have graduated after they’ve stepped into the Yuanfu Realm. Although every new batch of applicants consists of a few hundred students, the majority require an extremely long amount of time before they can step into the Yuan Realm. Thus, once any of the students have graduated and stepped into the Yuanfu Realm, they will be able to become a guest elder of the academy should they wish for it.

Right, these guest elders were originally students under the 36 elders. After they graduated, there were some who still wished to remain in the academy for cultivation purposes. If that was the case, they would take on the title of a guest elder, aiding their respective teachers in guiding the new students. After all, in every batch of the new students, only the top 30 in the ranking competition would have the right to choose one of the 36 elders as their teacher. As for the rest of the students, they’d be taught and guided by the guest elders under one of the 36 elders. Of course, don’t underestimate the guest elders. Some of the guest elders have already far exceeded their original teachers in their cultivation.[1]


The Emperor Star Academy was incomparably vast. There was the Disciplinary Courtyard, the Elder’s Courtyard, the Honor Courtyard, and the Student’s Alliance. Naturally, there was only one Disciplinary, one Elder, and one Glory Courtyard, while the Student’s Association were made up of groups of students who banded together. The four strongest student groups in the Emperor Star Academy were collectively known as the Asura, Heavenly Demon, Knight, and Greencloud Associations. 

Other than this, there were three other places of extreme importance inside the Emperor Star Academy. 

The first place, was known as the Heavenly Star Pavilion. The Nine Heavenly-Layer Star Pavilion was a place where countless cultivation arts and methods, and even innate techniques, were stored. 

The second place was known as the Astral River Hall. In the Astral River Hall, there was a mysterious force and pressure that simulated the pressure Stellar Martial Cultivators would face when they were attempting to condense their Astral Soul. This place could be used to strengthen their focus and increase their affinity, allowing them to use the astral pressure to temper themselves, break past their limits, and condense Astral Constellations of an even higher heavenly layer. 

The third place, was known as the Dreamsky Forest. This place was a vast, boundless, dreamscape, that was exceedingly mysterious. As long as one entered it, they would enter into a dreamlike state in that dreamscape. And what’s more, the dreamscape was connected to all of the four great martial academies in the royal capital. The Emperor Star Academy, the Royal Academy, the Divine Wind Academy, and the Seven Stars Martial Palace. [2]






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