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The Emperor Pavilion is a transaction ground and auction house founded by Di Tian. It will later expand further into the restaurant and inn industry, as well as miscellaneous tasks such as inscribing formations.


Transaction Ground

  • The Emperor Pavilion is a transaction ground for people willing to come here to do a transaction between parties, or just selling it to the Emperor Pavilion
  • The Emperor Pavilion will not earn a single cent from it and will provide the Emperor Pavilion as a venue to do free trading
  • The tax needed to be paid to the governor's manor from the transactions, the Emperor Pavilion will bear the cost of it.

Auction House

  • Every month, an emperor-ranked weapon to auction will be out to actions.
  • Every year, an high-grade emperor-ranked weapon to auction.
  • For those who wish to attend the auction but didn't successfully bid for the item, they had to sign a one year contract with the Emperor Pavilion. Out of one year, they have to transact their items here for at least a hundred days. If not, they shouldn't expect to be able to come here again for the other auctions in the future due to the massive number of people attending.


  • The pay offered will at least be equal to the one from the governor's manor.
  • The period of time the contact will bind them for will be of ten years. After every ten years, the hired employees can renegotiate their benefits and they can leave if they are unhappy about it. they won't be obstruction.

Fun Fact : Little Zhu is the one who recruit female immortal kings to help her work for Di Tian. These female immortal kings were all from minor clans in Lifire City. Since they could serve such a prestigious grandmaster, their clans naturally had no objections. The way Little Zhu recruited people, was very strange to watch. She would choose beautiful females, but they couldn't be too beautiful. At the very least, she had to be more beautiful than them...


When one stared down from the sky, they could see rows of majestic buildings dotting the landscape which was controlled by the Emperor Pavilion. The human flow was endless and many people came here to participate in transactions. The atmosphere was extremely lively, but the events that drew the most people, were undoubtedly the auctions held there. Countless people came to the Emperor Pavilion daily to seek out treasures.

After the event of the Hundred Years Grand Banquet, the Emperor Pavilion's businesses were no longer restricted to auction houses and transaction grounds. They even expanded into the restaurant and inn industry, as well as miscellaneous tasks such as inscribing formations. The number of experts the Emperor Pavilion controlled had far exceeded the number of experts each governor's manor had. With such a large business, it was only natural many people needed to sustain it. With how popular the Emperor Pavilion was, they also had sufficient resources to hire people. If Di Tian married and had kids, maybe a thousand years later, the Emperor Pavilion would become a supreme aristocrat clan


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