He was the master of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect, a supreme existence that could trample the heavens with a single foot. A single sentence from him was sufficient to destroy countless inner worlds.


He came to the Royal Sacred Region to accept a disciple, he came to this particle world from the request of his friend the Evergreen Immortal Emperor. The reason was so that Qin Wentian will be able to be accepted by a supreme existence as long as he show his talent. In the end, Qin Wentian will show be chosen. But back then when he was about to enter the tutelage of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor, the immortal emperor told him he would only have a period of freedom once every 1,000 years. There was no way he could accept such terms, hence he rejected the immortal emperor, leading to the scorn and disdain from all the immortal kings present back then. The him then felt as though he fell 1,000 feet down from the peak of the world, into an unending abyss. Being labelled as having a problematic character, the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor retracted his offer and forsook him. He then accepted Que Tianyi as his personal disciple instead.

The Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor promised Qing`er’s father, but didn’t complete what he promised to do. On the contrary, upon learning how close Qin Wentian was with Qing`er, he used such insidious methods to deal with him. The supreme and high up immortal emperor played him like a toy in the palms of his hands.


Cultivation Realm Stage Chapter
Immortal Emperor Middle 720
Immortal Emperor Peak 1675
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