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Every 100 years, the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect hold an event to recruit disciples. On this occasion, Qin Wentian was in attendance of the event presided over by Dongsheng Ting.


Every hundred years, the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect would organize a banquet specially targeted at juniors below the immortal-foundation realm, and they would invite the heaven chosen and geniuses of the thirteen prefectures to their sect. For those juniors with the most outstanding performances, they would be able to gain immortal-ranked weapons, immortal arts and all kinds of treasures but it’s obvious the true purpose of this is naturally for the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect to recruit talents into their fold. For the three most outstanding juniors, they all have a chance to enter the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect and might even become the personal disciples of Eastern Sage himself.

Pre-Selection in the Thirteen Prefectures

Firstly, each of the prefectures will have their own mini selection process to select 1,000 geniuses before sending them to the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect.

Cloud Prefecture

Rules : Your battle halos will be birthed the instant you set foot on the platform. For victors, they can devour the battle qi halos from their opponents and augment their own. From the weakest 1 meter battle halo to 100 meters, 1000 meters or even stronger. This selection test will continue for eighty-one days, after the eighty-one days are over, those with the strongest battle halos would be selected.

The battle qi halo has the effect of strengthening one’s own strength. The stronger your battle halos, the more powerful your combat prowess would be. If you have a battle qi halo of 10,000 meters, your strength would grow by ten times and at the very end, those who didn’t accumulate enough battle qi, how could they possibly defeat you.

For lower-level cultivators, they can challenge higher-level ones any time, there are no restrictions. And if they win, not only can they devour the battle qi halo of their opponents, the Cloudheaven Arena would boost their original battle halos on its own accord. But for high-level cultivators, they cannot initiate a challenge to lower-level cultivators. This test will last a total of eighty-one days

Eastern Sage Immortal Banquet - Competition

Candidats List

Candidats : 13'000. (1'000 candidates from each prefectures)

Participants Prefectures
Gu Zhantian 0001 Cloud
Jun Mengchen 0002 Cloud
Mu Yun 0003 Cloud
Zi Qingxuan 0005 Cloud
Qin Wentian 0027 Cloud
Mu Yan N/A Cloud
Zhou Teng N/A Cloud
Zhuge Yi N/A Cloud
Zhuge Yue N/A Cloud
Zhou Yu N/A Cloud
Qi Fan N/A Cloud
Yi Changfeng N/A Cloud
Xia Hanjiang N/A Cloud
Xiao Hong N/A Cloud
Li Yu N/A Cloud
Gu Chen N/A Cloud
Se Yeqing N/A Cloud
Pang Shanyue N/A Cloud
Gusu Tianqi 0001 Eastern
Xia Jiufeng 0002 Eastern
Jing Cloudcrane 0005 Eastern
Ye Qianchen 0001 Qian
Gu Liufeng 0033 Qian
Cang Aoli 0001 Li
Dugu Xishan 0001 Blazing Sun
Feather King 0001 Western Desert
Qin Ta 0002 Western Desert
Sorrowless 0003 Western Desert
Su Feng 0001 Thunder
Lu Longcloud 0002 Jing
Blackpeak 0001 Underworld
Xie Ying 0002 Underworld
Mo Wen 0001 Supreme Moon
Yan Zimo 0001 Mo
Ba Shan 0001 Rock
Gu Hong 0001 Yue
Hua Taixu None -
Ruthless None -

Through this selection test, you all will have an opportunity to join us but our quota this time around is only up till a 1,000 disciples. Next, you guys will contend against each other and the majority would be eliminated leaving behind the last thousand. And if the last remaining thousand are willing, you can join our Eastern Sage Immortal Sect as disciples, taking your first step into our sect.

The top 1,000 can become external disciples and those who pass gain the right to take the next test. For those who can walk all the way till the end and become the top three rankers, their fame would shake the world and become the nominated disciple of the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor himself, gaining the opportunity to receive his guidance and there’s even a chance to become his personal disciple if your talent is high enough. All of you better cherish this chance.

Test 1 : Eastern Sage Cliff

Location : Eastern Sage Cliff

The first test will be at the sacred cultivation grounds within the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect, the Eastern Sage Cliff. The Eastern Sage Cliff is the most optimal place for disciples under the immortal-foundation realm to cultivate in the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. This time, that place will become the testing grounds for geniuses of the thirteen prefectures.

Because, the ten thousand plus geniuses from all thirteen prefectures had different level of cultivation bases ranging from the first-level of Celestial Phenomenon to the ninth-level. If one wanted to determine their talent, the Eastern Sage Cliff was undoubtedly the most suitable place to hold the test. The Eastern Sage Cliff ignored the advantages of one’s cultivation base and focused on only the state of heart as well as comprehension ability of the cultivator.

The Eastern Sage Cliff was so vast that its boundaries couldn’t be seen. There were countless peaks near the area and all of them belonged to the Eastern Sage Cliff Mountain Range. It was currently enveloped by a screen of light that seemed akin to a supremely terrifying great formation. Shimmering runes could be seen flowing around the light screen, exuding an air of mysteriousness that weaved unique law energy, permeating the air within the lightscreen.

Rules :

There are some unique law enchantments within the Eastern Sage Cliff that would temporarily restrict some of your powers. This enchantment will grant you all equal levels of strength - That of a ninth-level of Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant, allowing you guys to clash madly if you so wish. However, your condensed constellations as well as your various innate techniques would all be locked down, unable to be used. What you can call upon is only your original strength, augmented by the power of your astral souls. Your astral souls won’t be bound as that’s a sign of your innate talent. Bloodline powers are something that belong to you, so it wouldn’t be restricted as well. But constellations are a different case.

The Eastern Sage Cliff is a place where disciples of our sect gain insights on their martial paths. There is good fortune awaiting all of you provided that you are qualified to receive it. When you return from here, your strength would surely rise. Also, there are many small pockets of spatial formations within this place. If you wish to exit earlier, just walk into the spatial formations to activate them. The last 1,000 participants remaining will be the ones to pass this selection test. You guys can enter now.

Out of these 13,000 participants, only 1,000 would remain. The meaning of this was extremely clear. For the excess 12,000 participants, they can either choose to die in combat or escape via the spatial formations. This place was a sacred ground for cultivation. Other than fighting each other, one had to quickly cultivate powerful techniques to increase their own strength. Once one’s own strength grew stronger and stronger, it would be easier for them to persist till the last 1,000. In this place, one had to cultivate their hardest so as to raise their own strength. If not, no matter how strong your talent or bloodline power is, you would be ousted sooner or later.

Hundred Immortals Forest : Over there were 360 statues of immortals. Each of them contained a terrifying immortal will and there were stone platforms before each of the statues, allowing ascendants to comprehend vividly the strength of immortals. At this moment, in the vast area of the Hundred Immortals Forest, there already were geniuses on the stone platforms before each of the immortal statues. If one were to pay attention, they would realize that for those geniuses who were ranked close to the top, the stone platforms which they were on would be closer to front.

These 360 immortal statues in the Hundred Immortals Forest are the inheritance statues left behind by powerful immortals within the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. The statues at the forefront are left behind by immortal kings, and especially so for these eighteen statues, they were all left behind by extremely powerful immortal king characters. Even immortals would come here to seek good fortune, and the Eastern Sage Cliff is known as a sacred ground for cultivation largely because of this Hundred Immortals Forest. However, the immortal statues located near the front are extremely difficult to obtain the inheritance energy from. One had to depend on their affinity, as well as their comprehension ability.

Test 2 : Sage Devil Gorge

The next test, would enable those remaining individuals to become core disciples of our Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. The second test will continue to eliminate participants until a total of 160 are left. These 160 participants will have a chance to meet the extremely powerful characters of the thirteen prefectures and to participate in a banquet together with them. In fact, there may even be an opportunity to interact further.

However, the second selection test of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect will be extremely brutal, an exercise of blood. This isn’t just a test designed for you guys, but is also one designed for the current disciples. In this selection test, you all will share the same dimensional space with the other disciples of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect and carry out a bloody exercise. Their mission is to hunt you down, the more they hunt the more points they would get, hence better rewards. Although there are also mini spatial formations within that can be used for escape, they would spare nothing to kill you all.

Naturally there’s also a point where all of you can rest at ease. In the dimension, your cultivation level will be visible to all. Only those on the same cultivation level can fight each other. Whoever breaks this rule shall be executed. Hence, there’s no need to worry about cultivators with a higher level than you hunting you down. It goes the same for you as well, you are only to challenge those at the same level. The difference could be ascertained from their robes. External disciples were clad in robes colored a faint gold. Core disciples wore golden robes with a richer hue. As for elites, they were clad in scarlet golden robes, with resplendent crimson markings that were extremely dazzling, making them very conspicuous among the crowd.
Their positions were also clearly designated. Irregardless of cultivation level, elite disciples stood at the very front, core disciples stood in the middle, while external disciples, whose numbers are the largest, all stood at the back.

Location : Sage Devil Gorge

The Sage Devil Gorge was located in the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. It is extremely vast, and this entire region was enveloped by a towering formation. This is a place for disciples of the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect to temper themselves in blood. After a period of time, they would always use this place to temper elites, selecting the most outstanding disciples from the batch. For everyone that stepped into this place, cultivators of the same level were able to fight to the death, it was extremely brutal and nobody knew how many geniuses had fallen here.

Qualified (Cloud Prefecture) : Qin Wentian, Jun Mengchen, Zi Qingxuan, Gu Zhantian, Mu Yun, Zhou Yu, Yi Changfeng, Xia Hanjiang, Pang Shanyue, Mu Yan

Qualified (Others Prefectures) : Gusu Tianqi, Xia Jiufeng, Cang Aoli, Ye Qianchen, Gu Liufeng, Dugu Xishan, Sorrowless, Jing Cloudcrane, Su Feng, Lu Longcloud, Xie Ying, Mo Wen, Feather King, Qin Ta, Yan Zimo, Ba Shan, Gu Hong, ...

Test 3 : Random Rumble

This test will be able to select the Top 20.

Rules : They can choose who they want to challenge, either at the same level of cultivation or higher, they cannot fight against those lower level than them. All of the immortal kings shall be the judge and when the battle ends, we naturally would be able to tell who the top twenty rankers are. Everyone has to fight ten times at the very least, and as long as the participant’s cultivation level is not lower than yours, nobody can reject a challenge. Divine weapons and treasures are not allowed, and if a participant is defeated, the battle shall be halted immediately. 

The personal disciples of the various immortal kings who are at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm will join in as well. However since the rules are set like this, they won’t be battling right from the start, but they shall act as a test for the participants in the later part of the competition. List : Blaze, Hua Taixu, .. 

Opponent 1 Opoonent 2 Type Winner
Gusu Tianqi Unnnamed 7th Ascendent Defeated Gusu Tianqi
Xie Ying Xia Hanjiang Defeated Xie Ying
Gu Zhantian Unnamed Opponent Defeated Gu Zhantian
Blackpeak Unnamed Opponent Defeated Blackpeak
Ye Qianchen Unnamed Opponent Defeated Ye Qianchen
Cang Ao Unnamed Opponent Defeated Cang Ao
Xia Jiufeng Unnamed Opponent Defeated Xia Jiufeng
Dugu Xishan Unnamed Opponent Defeated Dugu Xishan
Mo Wen Unnamed Opponent Defeated Mo Wen
Feather King Unnamed Opponent Defeated Feather King
Qin Wentian Blaze Defeated Qin Wentian
Qin Wentian Lu Longcloud Defeated Qin Wentian
Qin Wentian 3rd Ranker of Yue Prefecture Defeated Qin Wentian
Qin Wentian Su Feng Defeated Qin Wentian
Su Feng Other Unnamed 5th Ascendents Defeated Su Feng
Su Feng Zi Qingxuan Defeated Zi Qingxuan
Zi Qingxuan Other Unnamed 5th Ascendents Defeated Zi Qingxuan
Jun Mengcheng 6th Ranker of Underworld Prefecture Defeated Jun Mengcheng
Jun Mengcheng Disciple of Absolute Poison Immortal King Killed Jun Mengcheng

[Top 20]

Gusu Tianqi Gu Zhantian Blackpeak Ba Shan
Feather King Ye Qianchen Xia Jiufeng Gu Hong
Jun Mengchen Cang Ao Qin Ta Su Feng
Qin Wentian Dugu Xishan Sorrowless Hua Taixu
Zi Qingxuan Mo Wen Yan Zimo Ruthless
Eastern Qian Li Cloud Mo Jing Thunder
2 1 1 4 1 0 1
Yue Rock Blazing Sun Supreme Moon Western Desert Underworld None
1 1 1 1 3 1 2

Test 4 : Battles of the Top 20

The rules are very simple, we will go according to the order of names called out earlier by Princess Glaze. The twenty participants will mount the platform and if they fight against people at the same cultivation level, there’s no need for either to suppress their cultivation bases. But for fights between different-level ascendants, I will use a treasure to ensure that the cultivation bases of the two combatants are the same. For those who win their first battle, they are temporarily safe. And for those who lost a battle, they would still have a chance to challenge others after the first round of combat ended. Those who have two losses will be directly ousted from the top ten. And one more point, for people who have already lost one fight, the others cannot choose him as an opponent. I will give those who have one loss an authority to initiate. This is to prevent two outstanding geniuses from picking on a single participant.

Opponent 1


Opponent 2


Type Winner
Gusu Tianqi Mo Wen Defeated Gusu Tianqi
Feather King Gu Zhantian Defeated Feather King
Jun Mengchen Xia Jiufeng Defeated Jun Mengchen
Qin Wentian Blackpeak Killed Qin Wentian
Zi Qingxuan Su Feng Surrender Zi Qingxuan
Gu Zhantian Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian
Ye Qianchen Yan Zimo Defeated Yan Qianchen
Cang Ao Ba Shan Defeated Cang Ao
Dugu Xishan Gu Hong Defeated Dugu Xishan
Mo Wen Sorrowless Defeated Mo Wen
Xia Jiufeng Qin Ta Defeated Qin Ta
Sorrowless Ruthless Defeated Ruthless
Yan Zimo Zi Qingxuan Defeated Zi Qingxuan
Ba Shan Qin Ta Defeated Qin Ta
Gu Hong Ye Qianchen Defeated Ye Qianchen
Su Feng Hua Taixu Defeated Hua Taixu
Jun Mengchen Cang Ao Defeated Jun Mengchen
Dugu Xishan Mo Wen Defeated Mo Wen

[Top 10]

Gusu Tianqi Feather King Jun Mengchen Qin Wentian Zi Qingxuan
Ye Qianchen Mo Wen Qin Ta Hua Taixu Ruthless
Eastern Qian Li Cloud Mo Jing Thunder
1 1 0 3 0 0 0
Yue Rock Blazing Sun Supreme Moon Western Desert Underworld None
0 0 0 1 2 0 2

Test 5 : Final Three Rounds

Next, the final ranking battle to determine the rankings of these ten participants. They will have three rounds of testing. Every round will be ranked and the results will be tabulated for all three rounds before we determine who the top three are. 

1st Round : Dreamscape

This test will be administered by Dream Demon King. Whoever persists the longest will be ranked the highest. Rules : They will be send in dreamscape and have to long the longest.

Rank Participants Notes
#1 Gusu Tianqi
#2 Hua Taixu
#3 Feather King
#4 Ruthless
#5 Mo Wen
#6 Jun Mengchen
#7 Ye Qianchen
#8 Zi Qingxuan She had terrifying nightmare. Demon Dream King scoured her consciousness for the things she feared most and used them against her.
#9 Qin Ta
#10 Qin Wentian He struggled and broke free out on his own volition because the Dream Demon King was trying to steal his memories.

2nd Round : Devil Statue

This devil statue was extremely terrifying, containing an intensely powerful will within. It has three heads and six arms. Its six eyes granted a 360 degree vision, and the no matter where one was standing at, the devil’s eyes could easily locate them.

When the eyes of the participants matched the eyes of the devil statue, they instantly felt a terrifying spiral drawing them within. Those pitch-black eyes were as though wanting to devour them. In their consciousness, they saw terrifying devils rushing at them exuding a crushing force that rumbled their minds. This caused the participants’ countenances to turn stiff as they hurriedly averted their gazes while guarding their minds.

Rules : The second round is extremely simple. This devil statue contains a terrifying will capable of attacking within it. All of you will surround and rotate around the devil statue and match gazes with it. The ones who avert their gazes first will be ranked last and the one who can persist the longest will ranked first. I’m sure this second round is transparent enough.

In fact, the statue is controlled by someone trying to make difficult for Qin Wentian, Zi Qingxuan and Jun Mengchen once more. The purpose of this kind of slaughtering was to make Qin Wentian struggle amidst pain and agony, wanting him to be defeated in spirit, resulting in him being eliminated.

Rank Participants Notes
#1 Hua Taixu
#2 Gusu Tianqi
#3 Qin Wentian Targeted
#4 Feather King
#5 Ruthless
#6 Mo Wen
#7 Jun Mengchen Targeted
#8 Zi Qingxuan Targeted
#9 Qin Ta
#10 Ye Qianchen

3rd Round : Individual Combat Prowess - Royal Rumble

The most important criteria of all was naturally the individual’s combat prowess. If one lacks strength, what qualifications does he or she have to become the top three.

Rules : There are no rules for this battle, you can fight as you wish, it’s fine even if you turn everything topsy-turvy. The only thing that is forbidden is that no one can gang up against the others.

Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Type Winner
Zi Qingxuan Ye Qianchen Defeated Zi Qingxuan
Jun Mengchen Qin Ta Defeated Jun Mengchen
Ruthless Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian
Feather King Mo Wen Defeated Feather King
Jun Mengchen Ye Qianchen Defeated Jun Mengchen
Zi Qingxuan Qin Ta Defeated Zi Qingxuan
Gusu Tianqi Ruthless Defeated Gusu Tianqi
Jun Mengchen Feather King Defeated Jun Mengchen
Zi Qingxuan Ruthless Defeated Zi Qingxuan
Qin Wentian Ye Qianchen

Qin Ta

Defeated Qin Wentian
Mo Wen Ye Qianchen Defeated Mo Wen
Gusu Tianqi Qin Ta Defeated Gusu Tianqi
Zi Qingxuan Feather King Defeated Zi Qingxuan
Hua Taixu Qin Wentian Defeated Qin Wentian
Mo Wen Qin Ta Defeated Mo Wen
Ruthless Ye Qianchen Defeated Ruthless
Ruthless Qin Ta Defeated Ruthless
Ye Qianchen Qin Ta Defeated Qin Ta
Jun Mengchen Gusu Tianqi Defeated Jun Mengchen
Qin Wentian Gusu Tianqi

Feather King
Qin Ta
Ye Qianchen

Defeated Qin Wentian

Final Ranking of the Banquet

Rank Participant Prefecture
10 Ye Qianchen Qian Prefecture
9 Qin Ta Western Desert Prefecture
8 Ruthless None
7 Mo Wen Supreme Moon Prefecture
6 Zi Qingxuan Cloud Prefecture
5 Feather King Western Desert Prefecture
4 Hua Taixu None
3 Gusu Tianqi Eastern Prefecture
2 Jun Mengchen Cloud Prefecture
1 Qin Wentian Cloud Prefecture

Rewards : the top ranker shall receive a Sky Roc Rune Bone. The Paragon Sky Roc is one of the four supreme paragons of my Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. Immortal kings usually refer to him as Paragon Sky Roc and he is only a step away from becoming an immortal emperor. This rune bone contains the essence energy of Paragon Sky Roc himself.

The reward for the second ranker is similarly a treasure refined by a paragon of my Eastern Sage Immortal Sect. This paragon had once cultivated before a mountain rampart for thousands of years, leaving his insights in cultivation engraved on it. It’s exceedingly valuable even to immortal kings.

As for the third ranker’s reward, it’s an immortal-king ranked divine weapon. Because Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants have no way to fully unleash the power of immortal-king ranked weapons, this treasure is a flying-type divine weapon, and could be used as a life-saving measure. It's named the Immortal-King Boat.