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The Eastern Prefecture was the most luxurious prefecture out of the thirteen prefectures controlled by the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor. It was also termed as the leader of all the prefectures.


Within the thirteen prefectures, the strongest sects were all located within the Eastern Prefecture. But naturally, the strongest of all sects was none other than the Eastern Sage Immortal Sect that governed the thirteen prefectures.



Gusu Clan only has a sole descendant for nine generations straight. In the first generation there was someone named Gusu Pingjiang, an Immortal Emperor expert and for the next successive generations, all the descendants of the Gusu Clan have reached the immortal king level at the very least, and it can be considered an immortal-king tier aristocrat clan.


Gusu Tianqi ch. 820

  • immortal-king physique
  • sixth-level of Celestial Phenomenon


Xia Jiufeng


Xia Jiufeng from the Eastern Prefecture, Ye Qianchen from Qian Prefecture, Cang Aochi from the Li Prefecture. These people were the most famous. Xia Jiufeng is ranked number 2 in the Eastern Prefecture, while Ye Qianchen and Cang Aochi were respectively ranked first in the Qian and Li Prefecture.