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She was striking, she had a sense of nobility and her beautiful eyes glowed with luster, sparkling like the stars. She also exuded an extraordinary demeanor.


She had a cultivation base at the empyrean level. Her beauty and strength were both outstanding. Also, her aura was very strong. This maiden, who was being addressed as little princess, was named Donghuang Ying.


She tried to recruit Qin Wentian in Time City two times but got rejected. After that she proposed that they become friends and Qin Wentian agreed.

But after that, she always sided with Yue Changkong against him If Donghuang Ying truly did treat him as a friend, she would have more meticulously considered his words. Some of the things he spoke was based on logic and it wasn't hard to understand. Right now, she felt that no matter what Qin Wentian said or did was wrong simply because the one standing in opposition to Qin Wentian, was Yue Changkong. If she had to choose one from the two of them, she would naturally choose Yue Changkong. After all, everyone knew that Yue Changkong was the one chosen by the Time King. So Qin Wentian just ask her to leave, that those of different paths cannot walk together.  This is how ended that short and new friendship between them.