A handsome-looking heaven chosen stepped over. He was a substitute Saint Child of the Hundred Refinements Sect named Dong Linwu, someone with a powerful cultivation base and outstanding talent. In the past, he'd experienced a narrow loss to Li Yufeng and had always wanted to avenge that past defeat. However, there was no doubt that Li Yufeng's talent was more outstanding than his.He's the dao companion of Hua Xinyi.


He met Mo Qingcheng when she was with Hua Xinyi and immediately show romantic interest towards her. Hua Xinyi wanted to leave Mo Qingcheng and depart but Dong Linwu proposed to accompany them. Seeing her lover trying to be close to another woman in front of her, an ugly expression appeared on her face for a moment but she swiftly hide it. In the end, knowing that it was impossible for her to satisfy her lover alone in this lifetime, she chose to help him to get Mo Qingcheng with him seeing that he was after her, trying to match them together making Mo Qingcheng extemelly unsightly by her saying how great Dong Linwu was and that Mo Qingcheng's lover may not be worthy to carry his shoes. Seeing that he approach doesn't work, she started to speak coldly close to forcing Qingcheng to leave her husband to be with Dong Linwu and told her that it was better for her to serve Dong Linwu with her.

When Mo Qingcheng mentionned the name of her husband, Dong Linwu recognized him but not Hua Xinyi who tried to make difficults for Mo Qingcheng once again. After it, Li Yufeng appeared to help Mo Qingcheng. Dong Linwu told harsh words to Hua Xinyi, to stay out of his affairs and that she was throwing away his face when he realised the bad turn of the situation. Meanwhile, experts from the Battle Saint Tribe and Little Rascal appeared to fetch away Mo Qingcheng.

At first, Mo Qingcheng had truly treated Hua Xinyi as a friend, yet after the first sign of contention, Hua Xinyi would actually propose to serve Dong Linwu together? What kind of heavy insult was this? She had even mocked Qin Wentian, saying that he wasn't even worthy of carrying Dong Linwu's shoes. She hadn't expected that a beautiful maiden like Hua Xinyi would actually be this brazen. Luckily, many people had rushed over after she used the stone pillars to send out a message, causing her to feel more at ease. Mo Qingcheng was innately kind by nature, and if this had been an ordinary matter, she would have forgotten about it. However, Hua Xinyi's words were simply too shameless, and she couldn't let the matter pass. She then told her to slap herself and scram.

When Dong Linwu saw that Mo Qingcheng didn't plan to implicate him, he made no move to interfere. After all, Hua Xinyi was the one that ran her mouth off. Now, in the face of such a scene, he just wanted to leave this place as soon as possible. So he just dumped his girlfriend in front of everyone and left. She slapped herself harshly and also left, humiliated.

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