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In the days of Ancient Grand Xia there were nine Ultimate Arts of tremendous power, which were found on the Divine Stele. After the Xia Dynasty was overthrown by the treachery of the Nine Clans, the Divine Stele was broken into nine fragments, which were divided amongst the clans.

The Nine Ultimate Arts of Grand Xia

Great Solar Universe Art

The Great Solar Universe Art was considered to be one of the most powerful of all the Ultimate Arts of the Divine Stele. It allowed those who used to draw power from the sun, gaining the power to transform the universe. After cultivating the art, users would birth a new set of Great Solar Meridians. It was well suited to those who had an affinity for fire, and practitioners would complement it by acquiring Solar Astral Souls, and by attempting to master the Mandate of Flames. When they mastered it, practitioners were said to be able to boil the oceans and incinerate the heavens.

Its techniques provided phenomenal destructive power, with users able to blast enormous fireballs at their opponents, cover themselves with flames, immolate their surroundings, and even conjure enormous weapons of flame. At a high level, it was even possible for practitioners to transform their blood and flesh into magma, granting themselves powerful defensive and offensive might. One of its most lethal attacks was the Great Solar Illumination Technique, in which a powerful beam of light would be fired at enemies. Additionally, it was also possible for users to create mighty fire clones.

It was practiced by members of the Great Solar Chen Clan.

Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Devil

The Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Devil is a fearsome technique. It was considered the strongest of the Nine Ultimate Arts, only losing out to the Thunder God Slash Art in terms of power for single attacks.

Users of the Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Devil are able to summon weapons and armor that are "worthy of a devil king". Its blows were so powerful it could create fissures in the air, and were laced with cold Yin energy, said to be the anathema of life. Practitioners of the art could also create powerful imprints, which carried enormous destructive power. If they were attacked by others using demonic energy, they could also absorb it and use it to fuel their own attacks.

It included a series of skills known as the Nine Slashes of the Underworld. Each slash was stronger than the last, and when all of them were unleashed, their collective power would gather together before the devil descended from the skies, shattering the earth and annihilating all before it.

As with other Devil Arts, it is exceedingly difficult to cultivate, and carries great risk for the user, such that if they were to let down their guard for even a single moment, they would be devoured by it. It is common for practitioners of Devil Arts to succumb to Qi deviation. However, at the same time Devil Arts also make them far more powerful than others of the same cultivation level.

It was practiced by Bai Qing.

Heavenly Swordplay

For the Heavenly Swordplay, anyone proficient with swords could cultivate in this.

It was practiced by Yun Mengyi.

Golden Dragon Battle Art

The Golden Dragon Battle Art granted those who practiced it incredibly powerful attacks, as well as a formidable defense, with the ability to form a protective golden dragon armour. It was suitable for people with an affinity for metal-type elements, and those who possessed a primordial beast bloodline.

It was possesed by the Shi Clan, and those who practiced it included Shi Potian (ch. 377).

Stellar Transposition Art

The Stellar Transposition Art was the only movement technique among the Ultimate Arts of Grand Xia. It had only a single stance, yet it was incredibly powerful. Its function was to nigh-instantly transport the user anywhere within a short distance, allowing them to dodge attacks or land blows of their own upon their enemies. Its only weakness was that it consumed a large amount of Astral energy, making it best suited to being a trump card, held in reserve until a critical moment of need or opportunity.

It was, however, not true teleportation. Instead, it simply magnified the speed of its user to an absurd degree. As it was physical movement, this meant that it could still be perceived by those with acute enough senses, such as Qin Wentian with his third eye.

The Stellar Transposition Art could, in theory, be mastered by anyone. It was also the easiest to master of the Nine Ultimate Arts, which was why several contestants in the Heavenly Fate Ranking chose to acquire it when they traded their Ancient Luck to the Si Clan.

It was learned by Shi Potian and Chen Wang during the Heavenly Fate Ranking contest.

Formless Heart Sutra

The Formless Heart Sutra had no true form. It could directly comprehend the 'heart' and essence of various techniques while granting the user a basic ability to mimic others.

The Formless Heart Sutra could, in theory, be mastered by anyone.

It was in the possession of the Hua Clan, and was practiced by Hua Taixu and Di Feng.

Seal of Life and Death

The Seal of Life and Death was yet another extremely tyrannical art that had incredibly high requirements before users could cultivate in it. This art required the user to have a basic understanding of the power of life and the power of death. It was capable of bestowing life and death, and annihilate everything under the Heavens and across the Earth, as it could steal the vital Qi of the Earth and Heavens. When used, even the colour of the surroundings would fade away, becoming a dreary black.

It was in the possession of the Pill Emperor Hall.

Bloodcurse Imprint 

The Bloodcurse Imprint was similar to the Seal of Life and Death, both with extensive conditions to learn, as well as the style of attack being in the form of seals. Of those present, only Mu Feng met the criteria for cultivating this.

The Bloodcurse Imprint used a sacrifice of blood to fuel a terrify curse. It would impart droplets of the user's blood onto victims, which would then burrow deep into their bodies, instantly corroding them. Within the span of two breaths, only the victims' bones would remain.

Thunder God Slash

The Thunder God’s Slash contained the mightiest force when it came to single attack power, but one major drawback was the required consumption rate of astral energy. The art converts the user’s force into the might of thunderbolts, before further refining it into a sabre’s slash, shattering everything that dared stand before it.

The Nine Pieces of the Broken Divine Stele

  1. Yellow Springs Monument -The Azure Emperor eventually obtained the Yellow Springs Monument, Afterwards, this monument was given to Fairy Qingmei who used it to set up the path of the Yellow Springs in the Celestial Lake’s Refinement Grounds. It test one’s talent and will. Qin Wentian obtained this in chapter 184.
  2. Heavenly Stele Platform - a three-sided Stele (chapter 327) Qin Wentian obtained this in chapter 334, after surpassing Situ Po and Yun Mengyi by climbing to the 27th Step, whereupon he was given it by an Elder of the Unmatched Realm. As this stele is three sided, it is actually three pieces of the divine stele (ch.393), although this appears to contradict earlier descriptions of the nine pieces.
  3. Heavenly Fate Clan
  4. Wang Clan
  5. Hua Clan
  6. Chen Clan
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The reunified Divine Stele

Following his victory of Chen Wang, Yun Mengyi informed Qin Wentian that if he took out the pieces of the Divine Stele that he possessed, and proceeded to recite an incantation, he would be granted the power to summon the ancient will. This would bring forth the other six broken remnants, unifying them into a single, flawless piece. And with the restoration of the Divine Stele, he would then possess the true nine ultimate arts of Grand Xia. (ch.388)

After he fused the pieces of the Stele, a Heavenly Dipper expert of the Si Clan attempted to seize them, joined by members of the Hua, Chen, and Wang Clans. However, the Stele was able to use the Nine Ultimate Arts, and after the Vermillion Purgatory Bird fused with it, they were defeated.

The reunified Divine Stele was able to analyse a person's heart and talent, and show them which of the Nine Ultimate Arts they would be most suited to.