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Nine Ultimate Arts of Grand Xia were:

  1.  Great Solar Universe Art, 
  2.  Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Devil
  3.  Heavenly Swordplay,  
  4.  Golden Dragon Battle Art, 
  5.  Stellar Transposition, 
  6.  Formless Heart Sutra, 
  7.  Seal of Life and Death, 
  8.  Bloodcurse Imprint 
  9.  Thunder God Slash.
  • Stellar Transposition and Formless Heart Sutra belonged to the category whereby it was possible for anyone to learn them.
  • As for the other seven remaining ultimate arts, the Great Solar Universe Art was most suitable for cultivation by those with an affinity to fire.
  • For the Chaotic Art of the Heavenly Devil, Bai Qing was already cultivating it. This cultivation art was an exceedingly tyrannical one, so dangerous that any misstep may lead to death. One must not cultivate this art lightly.
  • For the Heavenly Swordplay, anyone proficient with swords could cultivate in this.
  • The Golden Dragon Battle Art was suitable for people with an affinity for metal-type elements.
  • The Seal of Life and Death was yet another extremely tyrannical art that had incredibly high requirements before users could cultivate in it. This art required the user to have a basic understanding of the power of life and the power of death.
  • The Bloodcurse Imprint was similar to the Seal of Life and Death, both with extensive conditions to learn, as well as the style of attack being in the form of seals. Of those present, only Mu Feng met the criteria for cultivating this.
  • The Thunder God’s Slash contained the mightiest force when it came to single attack power, but one major drawback was the required consumption rate of astral energy. The art converts the user’s force into the might of thunderbolts, before further refining it into a sabre’s slash, shattering everything that dared stand before it.

Divided into 9 broken remnant Treasures

  1. Yellow Springs Monument -The Azure Emperor eventually obtained the Yellow Springs Monument, Afterwards, this monument was given to Fairy Qingmei who used it to set up the path of the Yellow Springs in the Celestial Lake’s Refinement Grounds. It test one’s talent and will. Qin Wentian obtain this in chapter 184.
  2. Heavenly Stele Platform - a three-sided Stele (chapter 327) Qin Wentian obtain this in chapter 334.
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