Forbidden Ground - Divine Mausoleum

The Divine Mausoleum was a mausoleum created by a godking. It was rumored that during the ancient era, a shocking battle has erupted and many deities fell and were buried there, as numerous tombs manifested. Those deities fortunate enough to survive shifted all these tombs to an independent dimension. That place, was also known as the tomb of gods in the ancient era.

The mausoleum was so vast that one couldn't see the end of it with a single glance. There were countless tombs here, all arranged chaotically and not via their heights. There was no order to it at all. Occasionally, there would be terrifying light radiating from some of the tombs but every time such a thing happened, lightning bolts would fall from the dark skies and blast into the terrifying light, forcing it to fade away. It appeared that these lightning bolts were used to suppress the mysterious power within the mausoleum.

It was rumored that the Divine Mausoleum had buried a batch of extremely terrifying existences in ancient times, including godking existences. They all fell in a world-shaking battle and their burial grounds transformed into this Divine Mausoleum. They scattered their dao within the Divine Mausoleum and according to ancient legends, those supreme existences have not truly died yet. They were able to depend on their scattered dao to find a chance for revival, reappearing again in this world. Naturally, no one knew whether this was true or false. But the tomb keepers of the previous generations seemed to have understood some things, which was why they left behind a prophecy.

Tomb Keepers

  • The tomb keeper was responsible for protecting the tombs. As long as the person who entered didn't try to destroy the tombs, the tomb keeper cannot interfere. This was a rule passed down by the previous generation tomb keeper. It has been so for countless generations.
  • Once someone becomes the tomb keeper, they have to guard the mausoleum for their entire life or they would suffer divine punishment.
  • Qin Yuanfeng and Luoshen Qianxue are the tomb keepers of this place. Their daughter Qin Kexin also lives there.
  • For the tomb keepers of this generation, they had once received a prophecy saying that great change would come to the Divine Mausoleum.
  • The Divine Mausoleum would grant the tomb keepers some power but at the same time, the tomb keepers were also restricted. But there was one rule that everyone knew about. Before the tomb keeper of this generation found his replacement, he wasn't permitted to leave this forbidden ground.
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