He had the look of a youth around twenty, his face still filled with hints of immaturity and childishness. His eyes flashed with an unyielding arrogance and one would easily be able to tell his character just after one glance at him. It was obvious that although this person was a genius, he hadn’t experienced too many tribulations. This was why he still looked so young, having not matured in his thinking yet.

However, his talent in cultivation truly made one jealous. He who was merely twenty already has a cultivation base at the third level of Heavenly Dipper. His combat strength was exceptionally terrifying as well, and someone with such a cultivation level at this age, was extremely rare in the Royal Sacred Region. Di Yu was born with excellent astral perception, and his first astral soul from the 3rd Heavenly Layer was condensed when he was merely eight.


Di Yu, was a Heaven Chosen from the Di Clan. His cultivation speed was insanely fast and his combat prowess was not to be belittled. His talent was almost on par with Di Shi. The bloodline of the Di Clan already produced two heaven-shaking geniuses in this generation. It was unknown how many envied them.

Di Yu was born of high birth and was a core member with the same blood as Di Shi. The clan naturally lavished all attention and resources to nurture him, in addition to the love and protection of his elder brother, an era-suppressing genius, it was no wonder he grew up to have an arrogant and domineering personality, extremely willful and rash. He did whatever he wants with no worries because he had the protection of his clan. Hence, Di Yu became known as the little ancestor of the Di Clan to others in the Royal Sacred Region. It was unknown how much trouble had he caused that was eventually smoothed over by his elder brother and clan members.


  • Azure Roc Technique


  • Divine Armor
  • Silver Feather
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