Di Yi was the headmaster of the Emperor Star Academy and is also Di Cang's faction descendant. He was captured during the suppression of the Nine Mystical Palace.


He suddenly recalled many things from the past, how his character was like when he was younger - wild, arrogant, unrestrained and frivolous. Back then, he listened to the instructions of his elders and unwillingly came to the Emperor Star Academy. It wasn’t until he became the headmaster that he understood the importance of his mission.

The reserves of the Azure Faction had never once ‘openly’ appeared within the Azure Emperor Palace, with only a select few aware of their existence. There was only the mission handed down to them throughout each successive generation – Either they obtain the Azure Emperor’s inheritance or, failing to do so, they had to become its guardian, waiting for the successor to appear. And now, his long wait had finally borne fruit; his mission had finally ended.


He fought against the Ancestor of Chu and managed to kill him but because of that he got captured and chained by the Nine Mystical Palace. [1]

He was saved later by Qin Wentian, Fairy Qingmei and the hidden Azure Emperor Palace.[2]

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