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Di Tian (帝天) was a true self of Qin Wentian, born from the Great Nirvana Immortal Art. They naturally could communicate telepathically with each other as they were originally one body.


Di Tian is Qin Wentian's second True Body he shares everything with Qin Wentian, both in mind, spirit and talent he has all of the original body memories and experiences every thing he learns is shared with Qin Wentian and vice versa.

Di Tian was created after Qin Wentian turned into a primodial great Roc. Changqing Qing'er sought the help of her faction to seek out the great nirvana art. Di Tian becomes a master sealer after staying in the vermilion bird immortal palace, traveling to other particle worlds to temper himself.


Cultivation Realm Lv. Chapter
Heavenly Dipper 1st 436
Heavenly Dipper 8th 638
Heavenly Dipper 9th 649
Celestial Phenomenon 1st 725
Immortal Foundation 1st 1064
Immortal Foundation 2nd 1084
Immortal King Initial 1402
Immortal Emperor Initial 1574
Immortal Emperor Peak 1652
Empyrean 1662
World overlord 1756
Heavenly Deity 1885


  • Mandate Of Force
    1. First level of Insight - Strength
      1. Initial Boundary (Strength enhanced by a factor of two times)
      2. Advanced Boundary (Strength enhanced by a factor of four times)
      3. Transformation Boundary (Strength enhanced by a factor of eight times)
      4. Perfection Boundary (Strength enhanced by a factor of sixteen times)
    2. Second level of Insight - Void Vibration
  • Mandate Of Demon
    1. First level of Insight - Demonification
      1. Initial Boundary - allow one’s physique to be akin to a demon, causing the basic essence of the human body to demonify. Afterwards, they would enter into a berserk state, allowing one’s attack power to be multiplied by several-fold at the initial boundary.
    2. Second level of Insight - Second Degree Demonification
  • Mandate Of Dream
    1. First level of Insight - Sleep-Immersion
    2. Second level of Insight -
  • Mandate Of Sword
    1. First level of Insight - Sharpness
    2. Second level of Insight - Sword Melody

Cultivation Technique(s) Time Table

Cultivation Technique Chapter
Great Dream Immortal Art 472

Cultivation Technique(s)

  • Art Of The Nine Astrarium - users of the Art of Nine Astrarium was required to cultivate a total of nine Yuanfus. this art could only be cultivated when one was still in the Arterial Circulation Realm. The user must cultivate their first Yuanfu according to the methods stated in the cultivation art, after which, such a Yuanfu would eventually birth a second Yuanfu, while the second Yuanfu would birth a third Yuanfu. The number of Yuanfus directly correlated to the numbers of Astral Souls a cultivator has. Usually, at the Yuanfu Realm, ordinary cultivators would condense a total of three Astral Souls. This meant that if one lacked the talent, one would be stuck in the Yuanfu Realm. With only three Astral Souls, at most they would only be able to cultivate three Yuanfus.
  • Tempered Thousand Hammer Refinement Technique
  • Spirit Refinement Method - The Spirit Refinement Method was not a technique nor a Secret Art that could be used to increase one’s cultivation level. Instead, it was an extremely terrifying, supreme method that would enable the user to condense and refine the Astral Energy within the body. The 1st-level of the Spirit Refinement Method would require 1st-level Divine Imprints to condense and refine the Astral Energy he absorbed, transforming it into Divine Yuan Energy. The degree of difficulty in cultivating Spirit Refinement Method was even tougher than ascending the heavens. To fully convert the Astral Energy in the human body to Divine Energy, not only would one require a vast source of Astral Qi, one must also have great talent when it came to comprehending the insights of the Divine Imprint, not to mention that this type of cultivation method would take up an immense amount of time.
  • Dreamcast Art (Heavenly Dipper Realm Cultivation Technique)
    1. Shallow Dream State
    2. Immersed/Creation Dream State
    3. Forgotten Dream State
  • Fiend Transformation Art
    1. Fiendish Body - Channel demonic Qi and circulate it within the arterial pathways, energy channels, and meridians of your body to cast and refine a fleshly body that was as tyrannical as that of demonic beasts. Not only just the exterior of the fleshly body, one's five viseras and six inner organs also had to be strengthened to the point of something akin to a demonic beast, immensely boosting ones vitality.
    2. Fiendish Emergence -  Use the support of tremendous Demonic Yuan Energy and condense a true demonic body, covering one’s real body. This realm would be much more powerful if it was assisted and complemented by a powerful Beast-type Astral Soul.
    3. Fiend Transformation - At this level, one could easily access demonification, taking on demon form, and perfectly combine the two most ideal traits of demons and humans into one body. One could grow real Garuda Wings on their back and soar through the universe, or transform into a demonic dragon with world-shaking might.
  • Great Dream Immortal Art

Constellation Link(s)

Heavenly Layer Constellation
5th Heavenly Layer Heavenly Hammer Constellation
5th Heavenly Layer Great Dream Constellation
5th Heavenly Layer Demon Soveregin Constellation
6th Heavenly Layer King Sword Constellation
7th Heavenly Layer (?) Unkown Sealing Type Constellation
8th Heavenly Layer (?) Unknown Constellation
8th Heavenly Layer (?) Unknown Constellation
9th Heavenly Layer (?) Unknown Constellation

Techniques(s) Time Table

Technique Name Chapter
Bloodcurse Imprint 443
Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay 454
Heavenly Swordplay 455
Seven Annihilations Swordplay 470


  • Great Dream Halberd Art (Self created Innate Technique)
    1. Mountain Splitter
    2. Fallen Star
    3. Fractured Void
  • The Berserker Beast Halberd Technique
    • This technique consists of four stances and 36 transformations.
      • Azura Dragon Stance (Contains 9 Transformations)
      • White Tiger Stance (Contains 9 Transformations)
      • Vermilion Bird stance (Contains 9 Transformations)
      • Black Tortoise Stance (Contains 9 Transformations)
  • Falling Mountain Palm
  • Nine Heavenly Garuda Technique (Arterial Circulation - Manual)
    1. Initial Stage
    2. Skillful Stage
    3. Perfect Stage
    4. Godly Stage
  • Nine Heavenly Garuda Technique (Yuanfu - Manual)
  • The Thousand Hands Imprint
    • Five Martial Imprint Merhods:
      1. Diamond Imprint
      2. Revolving Sea Imprint
      3. Emptiness Imprint
      4. Loneliness/Kuji Imprint
      5. Great Thousand Hands Imprint
  • Dragon Subduing Fist Manual
    1. Raging Dragon Leaving The Oceans (Attack Stance)
    2. Dragon Clashing In The Wilds (Attack Stance)
    3. Draconic Roar From The Nine Heavens (Attack Stance)
    4. Dragon Capturing Hands (Innate Attack)
  • Heartbreak Echo
  • Stellar Transposition (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)
  • Facial Transformation Art
  • Bloodcurse Imprint (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)
  • Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay (Immortal Art)
  • Heavenly Swordplay (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)
  • Seven Annihilation Swordplay - Annihilation with a single step, annihilation with the stab of a single finger, annihilation with a single thought. Even gods and demons would cower before it.


  • 帝天 – Di Tian: Di (帝) = Surname of Di Cang, the Azure Emperor. It also stands for Emperor. Tian(天)= Sky/Heaven. Di Tian = Emperor of the Sky/Heaven