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His demeanor and bearing were worlds apart from the pompous Di Cheng. Composed, calm, with the feel of a leader. This man was extraordinary. Not only that, his combat prowess was many times higher compared to Di Cheng.


He went to the White Deer Institute in a bid to get them to cede to his control as the successor chosen by some of the powers within the Di Clan.[1]

After having his plans thrwarted by Qin Wentian, he went and raped the sister of Mu Feng and murdered his clan, while disguised as Qin Wentian.

Afterwards, he participated in the Heavenly Fate Ranking, seeded fifth due to his efforts three years earlier. During the Heavenly Fate Ranking, lost consecutively in the later rounds before being murdered by the joint efforts of Qin Wentian and Mu Feng, which ultimately led to Mu Feng pledging himself to follow Qin Wentian.


  • Illusion Swordplay
  • Facial Transformation Art
  • Heavenly Swordplay
  • Stellar Transposition
  • Fiend Transformation Art
  • Formless Heart Sutra
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