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Qin Wentian became the Myriad Devil Sovereign of the Devil Mountain after returning from the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms.[1]


The Myriad Devil Sovereign was like the god of the Myriad Devil Islands, with the faith and belief of everyone who lived on the islands. On the Myiard Devil Islands, the place where the sovereign was rumored to be at, was none other than the legendary ground - the Devil Mountain!

There were many places on the Myriad Devil Islands with the name Devil Mountain but as for the Devil Mountain of the legends, there was only one. This towering Devil Mountain was something carved out by the Myriad Devil Sovereign himself. It's an incredibly lofty place and to many people living there, it was a place of legends.The reason why the Myriad Devil Islands were able to prohibit immortal emperors from entering and cause some trepidation to them was all because of this legendary place, the Devil Mountain!

This sacred mountain was so tall that its peak touched the sky.The misty and illusory-seeming Devil Mountain quietly stood there, attracting worship from all directions. Qin Wentian discovered that the countless devil cultivators here all had looks of reverence on their faces, despite the fact that they might have extremely tyrannical and arrogant personalities. This place, was the sacred grounds of the Myriad Devil Islands, a place of faith for all devils.

Joining the Devil Mountain

How to find the Devil Mountain? Every island on the Myriad Devil Islands is under the radiant light of the Myriad Devil Sovereign. For every main island like the Fallen Devil Island and the Vast Sky Devil Island, there would be a unique path which leads to an extremely secret teleportation array. This teleportation array can only be activated by the devil emperor of the particular region. Also, no matter who obtained the authority to control a devil region, none of us are allowed to damage the teleportation array. On the Island of Ten Thousand Devils, the legendary sacred Devil Mountain, could be found there.

The Devil Mountain, just that Devil Mountain, seemed to have always existed. Everyone could see it, but nobody could reach it. Every year, every month, every day, there would be people dying on the journey over to there. The Devil Mountain could connect the heavens, but for those who could become disciples of the devil halls on the mountain, they were no doubt the absolute peak geniuses of their respective cultivation levels. Their talent was outstanding, their willpower shocking, and even a simple guard on the Devil Mountain was more powerful compared to many other outstanding geniuses on his Fallen Devil Island, similar to Old Chai and Xia Yuan. Most probably, these two top rankers on the Devil Rankings weren't even qualified to become a guard. The prerequisite is that you have to be able to find and climb the Devil Mountain. As long as you can get to there, you would be considered to have passed the test of the Myriad Devil Sovereign. Regardless of immortal, devil or demon, the Devil Mountain would accept you.

Ascending the Devil Mountain - There was a path which led up to a stairway, leading to the top of the mountain. This stairway was extremely vast and was rumored to have been constructed by the Myriad Devil Sovereign's will. For those who desire to ascend the mountain, they first had to pass these boundless stairs. This was also what everyone assumed to be a test of the Myriad Devil Sovereign.If you don't have respect in your heart, you best not ascend the Devil Mountain. There are too many experts who have already died. Different people would have different tests when they attempted to ascend the Devil Mountain.7 

  • Bujie was the first man from the immortals realms to ascend the Devil Mountain. He used only a single day to do it. Qin Wentian was the second in a period of three years. 


Within the mountain gate of the Devil Mountain, this legendary place didn't seem to be any different from the external world. There were imposing devil halls everywhere and the atmosphere was immensely solemn. The Devil Mountain was said to have ten thousand devil halls, and at the very peak of the mountain, other than the Saint Devil Hall, there are six other supreme halls, each with a master of its own. 

Saint Devil Hall

The Saint Devil Hall is the devil hall created by the Myriad Devil Sovereign, it's a place of faith. When the Devil Mountain was established, there were only three other devil halls supporting the Saint Devil Hall. The other three are the Apostle, Judiciary and Darkness Devil Halls. This devil hall had an extremely dilpliated look, but it actually could be here at the peak of the Devil Mountain, the location of this devil hall was at the center of the rest. Saint Devil Hall, this sacred ground of the Devil Mountain seemed to contain the energy of ultimate attacks from each of the devil halls at the peak. The Saint Devil Hall had existed since the beginning and the various inheritances of the other supreme halls are from there. There's also rumors saying that if someone could obtain the inheritance of the Myriad Devil Sovereign, he or she would be his true successor, with a possibility to truly unite the Devil Mountain and become the Devil Sovereign of a generation.

Inheritance Myriad Devil Islands

The meaning of the Myriad Devil Islands' inheritance was that inheritance gave the power to control all devils. What was this? Wasn't that an ability of the empyrean realm? One gave rise to law's will, enabling him to control the devil law perfectly. The inheritance of the Myriad Devil Sovereign was precisely a path leading to the empyrean realm. It was something like a dao element, as well as the inheritance to the throne of all devils here on the Myriad Devil Island.

Obtained by : Qin Wentian[2]

Apostle Devil Hall

This devil hall exuded a simple and ancient aura. However, the feeling it gave was actually extremely peaceful, without a hint of the tyranny of the devil path. The people of this devil hall are all named apostles. The Apostle Devil Hall is one of the toughest hall to enter, they don't actively recruit members and even if you knelt down outside just like those descendants of devil emperors, it would be useless. They would only recruit someone when they wish to do so. The apostles of the Apostle Devil Hall spread faith all around the Myriad Devil Islands. There are very few apostles, hence the members of the Apostle Devil Hall are very limited. Also, these apostles always travel alone and they can easily choose guards or apprentices to serve them.

Members : White Young Man

Judiciary Devil Hall

Judiciary Devil Hall are those who judge, they are in charge of all punishment, and nobody would dare not to comply. They don't actively recruit members. Only those suited for their hall's inheritance would be recruited. The status of a Grand Priest was transcendent and was something for those priests and priestesses of the Judiciary Devil Hall, who managed to reach the devil emperor realm, can be promoted to in the future. The Grand Priests of the Judiciary Hall only reported to one man who was above them, the king priest, which was none other than the absolute authority on all judgements. There's a total of seven priests and three Grand Priests. As for the position of the king priest, there can only be one person with that rank. The Judiciary Devil Hall was as expected of their reputation, using iron-handed methods with no fear of consequences. In their eyes, there's only judgement.

Members : Bai Qing

Darkness Devil Hall

Darkness Devil Hall's experts are hidden in the shadow, they live and breath in the shadows, collecting information and making their plans there.

Members : Wu

Myriad Ancient Devil Hall

The Myriad Ancient Devil Hall was born because they sought to preserve some of the glory of their Devil Mountain's ancestors, keeping the inheritance of ancient devil experts, making them one of the most important devil halls here on the Devil Mountain. The Myriad Ancient Devil Hall was an extremely ancient devil hall. Their mission was to pass down the inheritance of ancient supreme devil experts to suitable candidates. This was a pretty unique hall and just so as fate would have it. For the Myriad Ancient Devil Hall, its history was very clear. An immortal realm cultivator established it after he entered the Saint Devil Hall.

Members : Bujie

Imperial Dragon Devil Hall

For experts of the hall, they rode dragons of darkness as mounts, soaring through the skies and patrolling the Myriad Devil Islands. Wherever they reached, all lives would prostrate themselves in respect. They possessed an overwhelming amount of authority. The Imperial Dragon Devil Hall rides dragons of darkness, taking the role of patrolling around the Myriad Devil Islands, and their chosen are named the Imperial Dragon Saints. They are somewhat similar to apostles, but their hall was elevated in status due to the appearance of a powerful expert from there. They used to be vassals of the Apostle Devil Hall but after the supreme expert appeared, they stood as an independent power. 

Members : Yulong Shengtu

Sky Devil Hall

The Sky Devil Hall produced a supreme expert and became one of the devil halls at the peak of the Devil Mountain.

Members : Mo Xie


Blood Devil Cliff : It's an extremely dangerous place.  The Blood Devil Cliff is a place with only 10% chance of survival. There are some devil cultivators who lost their sanity, as well as some devil experts who broke the laws and received judgement from the Judiciary Hall. These people are all locked up in here. 

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