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Although most greater demon races occupy the Western Region, there's still another place where the demonic beasts over there are even more compared to the Western Regions. They hailed from the westernmost location of the entire immortal realms - the land of desolation, within the Ten Thousand Mountain Range.In there, each mountain had different types of demons.

The Ten Thousand Mountain Range is exceedingly vast and is a place akin to the Myriad Devil Islands. It's a place of absolute death for human cultivators if they head into the depths of it. Although humans aren't forbidden from entering, only a rare few could survive after they chose to enter.

The demons there also seem to live a life separate from the others in the immortal realms, there are rarely conflicts between them and others in the world. The Desolate Ten Thousand Mountain Range was incomparably vast. Most probably, the number of demons were equal to the number of humans in the immortal realms and if this great beast tide truly intends to invade, the people of the northern regions would all be completely annihilated. The Desolate Mountains were the true world for demons. The demonic races there all had inheritances from the ancient era. After countless years, nobody knew how terrifying they were. There were even cases that the demons from the Desolate Mountains dominating everyone and almost ruled the immortal realms, unifying it under their name. It was only after ancient emperors were born did the situation reverse.


Demongod Mountain

This Demongod Mountain is the sacred place of the Desolate Ten Thousand Mountain Range and only appears once every countless number of years passed. Once it appeared, huge changes would appear in the world and there would be a commotion affecting the entire Desolate Mountains. 

There are ancient records which stated that in the long history of the Azure Mystic Immortal Realm, the humans and demons had clashed many times before. There had been cases where a powerful demon dominated everything, where humans were nothing but playthings, living miserable lives, but there were also cases of humans being the overlord of the entire realm, including the Desolate Mountains.

Ultimately, the Desolate Mountains were split from the immortal realms, considered a separate space from the other regions. This bit of history was even earlier than the forming of the Myriad Devil Islands. From the records, one could see the myths and legends of the Desolate Mountains recorded within. The legend of the Demongod Mountain was the most famous legend of all.

It's said that every time the Demongod Mountain appeared, a brand new era would unfold for the demons of the Desolate Mountains. They would all enjoy an intrinsic evolution and there's a slight possibility that a demon god would be born, capable of uniting the Desolate Mountains. At that time, that would surely be a disaster for the immortal realms. Once a demon god is born, there's no need to doubt that the territories of humans would all be seized away or destroyed in the ravages of war.

The Demongod Mountain was the number one legend of the Desolate Mountains and it is indeed worthy of its reputation. Over here, there are many heavenly ingredients and earthly treasures that could cause demons to evolve. Although their cultivation bases weren't able to directly leap up, it would give them a chance to evolve intrinsically, changing their innate heaven-given abilities. This wasn't just a simple increase in strength, but an intrinsic transformation of its innate nature.

Demongod Palace

Within the palace, ancient divine stone walls could be seen with millions of murals engraved upon them. There were marks of all sorts of saint beasts and greater demons and they were also incredibly life-like. In fact, some of the drawings were moving. On the walls of the palace, inheritances of the different demon races could be seen.

There were several greater demons being depicted: Phoenix, Vermillion Bird, Dragon, Xuanwu Turtle, Kirin, White Tiger, Taotie, Hundun and many others. There were even some extremely rarely-seen saint beasts. Qin Wentian walked towards the mural of a golden-winged roc and stared at it. After that, a strand of his will gradually entered as a shocking scene appeared in his mind.

Notable people who managed to enter : Qin Wentian, Little Rascal, Purgatory, Beiming Youhuang, Southern Phoenix Matriarch