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You hate that the heavens are too low, hence you are unwilling to soar through the skies. You hate the fact that my strength is still too weak, that’s why the mournful wails sound out relentlessly. However, although I might be inferior to your expectations now, my ambitions and aspirations aren’t below yours. I, want to sunder the heavens
Qin Wentian to the Demon Sword


A gigantic sword of approximately one thousand metres in length buried deep inside the earth. An exceedingly fearsome sword-might emanated forth from the sword, causing the surrounding mountains to be contorted into the shape of a sword underneath that mighty pressure.[1]

Immovable since the ancient era, not because it was unable to, but because it didn’t want to, it was reluctant to, it was unwilling to. This sword hated the fact that the Heavens were too low.

Previously the sword was actually an ancient primordial Roc. It was tremendously powerful, even in its form as a sword, and the attacks used by Qin Wentian were easily able to eliminate Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns at all stages, and even to contend with Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants. It also held knowledge of secret arts and techniques, and was able to reach out to Qin Wentian's spirit across an enormous distance, and teach him the Immortal Vanquishing Swordplay.

Legend of the Demon Sword

In the depths of the Reverence Sword Precipice, there is an ancient demon sword embedded within. It was rumored to have descended from the Heavens, while others also said that this sword was left behind from powers who warred against each other during the primordial era. The precipice itself was sliced apart by that very sword, and right now in this age, it still remains deep within the depths. It is able to absorb demonic light from demon-aligned astral constellations within the Nine Heavenly Layers. Eventually, this formed a range of swords below, occasionally causing terrifying demonic beasts to manifest.

This sword is too demonic, capable of absorbing the blood of others. Previously, there were indeed people who wanted to acquire it, but the instant they touched it, all the blood in their bodies drained out, and they turned into a dry husk. The sword is simply too terrifying, and no one dares to even think of obtaining it. There’s something even more bizarre. Once every year, the demon sword lets out wails filled with sadness, as though it yearns for an owner. Every time the wailing starts, an abundance of demonic energy descends from the demonic constellations above in the Nine Heavenly Layers, vibrating and immersing the sword range. I know it sounds unbelievable, but any swords unearthed from the sword range after that are all demonic swords. They’re able to absorb demonic-aligned astral energy, resembling the shape of a demon, and even has the potential to evolve further.[2]