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The Demon God Mountain was one of the three hegemonic powers in the Desolate Region. The Demon God Mountain was a power formed from the alliances of many powerful saint beasts, and was formed to contend against the Divine Ox Clan. Once, for those supreme demons with high-grade bloodlines, were taken as slaves by the Divine Ox Clan. They eventually managed to break free in the end and formed a powerful alliance which resulted in the Demon God Mountain today.

They would occasionally cause the manifestation of the Demon God Mountain to descend on the various immortal realms in the lower worlds, allowing many greater demons there to achieve a transformation. In the future after these greater demons came to the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms, many of them would usually choose to join the Demon God Mountain.

Demon God Mountain was an empire of demon beasts, it was a paradise for demons. Over here, the various races of greater demons allied together to contend against the Divine Ox Clan. Through the powerful bloodline abilities of the various races, they managed to climb to the peak of the Desolate Region as well and became one of the three hegemonic powers. Also, they were very clear about the major incidents that just happened in the Desolate Region. In fact, they were even clearer than most others.

In the world of demons, strength was everything. They contended against the Divine Ox Clan but didn't suppress and dominate the other races, choosing to cooperate with each other instead. They only hope more demon sovereigns would appear on the Demon God Mountain. After all, the main purpose of them allying together was to deal with the Divine Ox Clan. And now, by pooling their strengths together, they finally obtained enough power to stand equally with the Divine Ox Clan.


There are five demon sovereigns on the Demon God Mountain that governs all the demonic beasts here. There were many different demonic races, and for those demons who could become heavenly deities, they were known as demon gods and given the title of demon sovereigns.

Demon Sovereigns


After the world was unified under Qin Wentian and the Godking Palace, the Desolate Region became the domain of demonic beasts with the Demon God Mountain governing them.