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Cultivation Realms

Rank Name Chinese


Levels Lifespan
1st Body Refinement 炼体境


1st - 9th
2nd Arterial Circulation 轮脉境


3rd Yuanfu

[Yuan Palace]



4th Heavenly Dipper




5th Celestial Phenomenon [Ascendant] 天象境


6th Immortal Foundation [Immortal] 仙台境


7th Immortal King 仙王境


Initial, Middle and Peak
8th Immortal Emperor 仙帝境


9th Empyrean 圣之境


10th World Overlord 界主境


Ordinary, Transcendent, Hegemonic
11th Heavenly Deity 天神境


12th God King 神王


13th Transcendence 超脱


Body Refinement Realm

- A perfect human body that could tap into the full potential of humans. Possessing herculean strength that would allow one to tear apart leopards and tigers, cleaving huge rock in twain.

  • 1st to 3rd level - Refinement of the flesh and muscles.
  • 4th to 6th level - Refinement of energy channels and bones.
  • 7th to 9th level - Refinement of one's inner organs.

Arterial Circulation Realm

- Able to generate boundless might, and gain terrifying strength. There was almost nothing that one couldn't accomplish.

Yuanfu Realm (Yuan Palace Realm)

- In this stage, the entire Yuan Energy in one's body would be condensed into liquid form, establishing the foundations for a Yuan Palace within one's body. Cultivators at this stage possessed peerless, tyrannical strength, and were able to soar through the skies with ease.

Heavenly Dipper Realm (Heavenly Dipper Sovereign)

- Heavenly Dipper Realm requires the comprehension of Second level Mandate. “Heavenly Dipper Realm, is to condense stars of the Heavenly Dipper, also known as Astral Nova. At that time your Astral Soul, would be then, your most direct method of combat. For some cases, Astral Novas were even more powerful when compared to using Divine Weapons.” “Sooner or later, the Astral Soul itself would transform into an attack-type innate technique. However, to condense Astral Novas, a cultivator would require a truly astronomical amount of cultivation resources to step past the gulf that separates Yuanfu and the Heavenly Dipper Realm.

Celestial Phenomenon Realm (Celestial Phenomenon Ascendant)

- The Celestial Phenomenon Realm requires the comprehension of one’s Mandate to reach a brand new level that surpassed the Perfection Boundary of the second level insights. And this level, is also referred to as the true intent of Mandates.

Immortal Foundation Realm (Immortal)

- To become an Immortal one must form an Immortal Foundation. There are different grades for the Immortal Foundations. Immortal foundations have six tiers that can be broken down into three grades. The first three tiers are known as the mortal grade, the fourth tier is known as the immortal king grade, the fifth tier is known as the immortal emperor grade, and lastly, the sixth tier is known as the saint grade.

  • 1st Tier - Mortal Grade; Weakest
  • 2nd Tier - Mortal Grade; Next Best
  • 3rd Tier - Mortal Grade; Slightly Good,  they are considered ordinary but better than average and still have enough potential to obtain some achievements during the immortal-foundation realm. The vast majority of people in the immortal realms have all established a 3rd-tier foundation.
  • 4th Tier - Immortal King Grade; has enormous opportunity to become Immortal King or even an Immortal Emperor. Currently, among the many immortal kings in the immortal realms, the majority of them have established a 4th-tier immortal foundation.
  • 5th Tier - Immortal Emperor Grade; Only the supreme immortal emperors who’ve stood at the very peak have managed to establish an emperor-grade immortal foundation.
  • 6th Tier - Saint Grade; Makes an inborn phenomenon when breaking through this grade. In order to establish a Saint-grade Immortal Foundation, one first has to establish a supreme indestructible body.

- Different cultivators cultivate different foundations depending on what path they choose. Immortal cultivators from the Immortal Realms, cultivate an Immortal Foundation, Devil cultivators cultivate a Devil Foundation, while Demon cultivators cultivate a Demon Foundation.

- Immortal Foundation experts at the peak begin to use law energy, simulating that of Immortal Kings which makes them stronger and helps them to become an Immortal King.

Immortal King

- At the Immortal King stage, one creates a Law Domain from the various laws that they have comprehended. The strength of the Law Domain depends on how much of a law is comprehended, or which laws are comprehended.

- The Immortal King stage is divided into three sub-stages:

  • Initial-stage
  • Middle-stage
  • Peak stage

- Each stage could be early or later-phase, depending on the deepness of one's foundation.1366

- Based on their cultivation path on the Immortal, Devil, or Demon way, cultivators at the Immortal King realm are also called Devil Kings and Demon Kings depending on which path they cultivate.

Immortal Emperor

- At the Immortal Emperor realm, one can communicate and borrow the boundless astral energy directly from their constellations.

- Immortal Emperor divides

  • Initial Stage
  • Middle Stage
  • Peak Stage

- Each rank is divided based on the depth of one's comprehension:

  • Early Stage
  • Mid Stage
  • Late Stage

- Like Immortal Kings, Immortal Emperors are also called Devil Emperors and Demon Emperors depending on which path they cultivate.


- In the Empyrean Realm, there are no level distinctions. Whether a person is weak or strong depends on their own comprehension of natural laws.

- At this level, cultivators are trying to comprehend the source origin of their laws and then later on trying to fuse them together. This will lead them to forming Heavenly Heart Consciousness and eventually the World Overlord level. On the other hand there are some extraordinary beings who would first comprehend their World Heart and then later comprehend their Heavenheart Mandates

- Empyreans are termed as Ancient Emperors in the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms.

World Overlord

- This is the level where one can truly say my will is heaven's will. Must comprehend World Heart, controls Heavenly Heart Consciousness. Everyone can only have one World Heart, and can have multiple Heavenly Heart Mandates. The World Heart is the fusion of the source origin of laws. World Hearts and Heavenly Heart Mandates are complementary to each other. If the person is the tree, the Boundary Heart is the root, and the Heavenly Heart Mandates are the branches and leaves. The World Heart is the domain of heart, but Heavenly Heart Consciousness, then can manifest in the attack directly. Gain access to the 8th Astral Soul.

- World Overlords, their world hearts can project a heart domain. Inside that heart domain, they have immense control over everything. (ch.1819)

- World Overlords are divided into three sections: normal World Overlords, transcendent World Overlord, or hegemonic World Overlords depending on their Heavenheart Mandates and their combat prowress.

Heavenly Deity

- For Heavenly Deities, the laws they are proficient in, would undergo a transformation allowing them to gain control of a heavenly dao. By just standing there, a heavenly deity himself would be the embodiment of the heavens and earth. Everything will revolve around his will and desires. He represents the heavenly dao. (ch.1819)

- If you enter the Heavenly Deity Realm, there could even be lives living in the world you created, These life forms would assume that your world is the real world. Reality is as such, an example are the countless particle worlds in our universe. (ch.1819)

- The strength of a Heavenly Deity is determined by the Daos that they comprehend, and their proficiency in them.

- At the Heavenly Deity realm, one can get their 9th and final Astral Soul. Most powerful cultivators have their final Astral Soul from the 9th Heavenly Layer.

- As cultivators take different paths, Heavenly Deities are also called Devil Gods or Demon Gods.

God King

- Godking isn't really a realm of cultivation. They were titles for the eight most powerful Heavenly Deities that ruled over the eight regions of the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. People who have gained strength similar to the level of the ancient Godkings could be considered a Godking.

- The known Godkings from the ancient eight Godkings are: Godking Xi, Godking of Time, Godking Desolate, Godking Gu, Moon God, Buddha Sovereign, and the Grand Devil Lord.

- The newer Godkings are: Imperishable Heaven Lord (she died to protect Ancient Azure Mystic Immortal Realms), Grim Reaper (another being who protected the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms), Yue Changkong (who is the reincarnation of Godking Gu), Qin Yuanfeng (the Six Paths Godking), Beiming Youhuang (the Darknorth Godking), Jun Mengchen (the World Godking), Little Rascal (the descendant of Godking Desolate and a soon-to-be Godking), Qin Wentian (who later advances to the Transcendence Realm).


- Being at the Transcendence level means one has to have the strength of a Godking, and have the belief of everyone in the world.

- The Buddha Sovereign tried to achieve Transcendence by converting all the 33 Heavens to Buddhism to worship him which would allow him to achieve Transcendence.

- Buddha Sovereign's plan backfired upon him as everyone started praying for Qin Wentian's victory. This allowed him to achieve Transcendence.

- Lin Feng from Peerless Martial God also achieved Transcendence in his own world. He traveled to Qin Wentian's world since he believed the conditions there were perfect for a Transcendence level character to emerge.

- This stage is also known as Beyond Godking.