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The Convention of the Myriad Realms is one of the most top-notch grand events in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms. Only Realmlords who control endless territories and authority would have the qualifications to be invited. Naturally, there would also be some superpowers and aristocrat clans participating. It's a gathering of the powers in the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms that are at the peak. This was actually one of the top-notch peak-level gatherings of the Mystic Region. Ever since ancient times, this convention was held once every ten thousand years. The Mystic Region will send the invitation out three years in advance, allowing people to prepare.

For the Convention of the Myriad Realms, they would issue invitations to the ten thousand realms under the heavens. The heavens naturally refers to the four lower worlds controlled by the Mystic Region. The experts from the four lower worlds would all come (Eastern Royal Heavens Immortal RealmsScarlet Sun Heavens Immortal RealmsWuji Heavens Immortal Realms and Beginning Heavens Immortal Realms). In addition, world overlords from all the other realms inside the Mystic Region would also participate, and there are often many unaffiliated cultivators as well. Not only them, those experts from major powers or those who control endless territories would be here too. The number of living things in the Mystic Region is so numerous that they are countless. Ordinary world overlords wouldn't come. But some of the more powerful world overlords from the other seven regions might come to take a look at the strength of overlords in the Mystic Region. After all, the Convention of the Myriad Realms is a rare opportunity.


The location of the Convention of the Myriad Realms was always fixed. The location was always at an ancient city that was a symbol to the Mystic Region. It was a place where gods rose. In the ancient era, during the time where the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms were divided into eight regions by the first generations of heavenly deities, one of the eight heavenly deities originated precisely from this city. That was a legendary character that was given the title Time King, there were also others who referred to him as the Godking of Time. In order to commemorate the city he was born in this city was renamed Time City.

Time Realm

The Time Realm, it was the place where the Convention of the Myriad Realm would commence. The commencement location naturally would have to be a space that was large enough to accommodate vast amounts of people. After all, many of the participants were all world overlords. Inside Time City, there was a mysterious realm that existed since ancient times up until now. It was said that that realm was the realm the Time King had cultivated in when he was still alive. Right now, it was jointly governed and shared by the three hegemonic powers of the Mystic Region

There were many palaces in the Time Realm that were used to host world overlords who came to attend the convention. This grand event occurred only once every ten thousand years and wouldn't be concluded so quickly in a day or two. The convention would last for a period of time.

Heavenheart Mirror

Right before the commencement of the Time Realm, the Heavenheart Mirror Mountain would appear in the Time Realm. This Heavenheart Mirror was able to reflect any world overlord's heavenheart mandate to everywhere in the Time Realm, allowing everyone to see it.

Opportunies of the Three Hegemons

The convention of the myriad realms was the grandest event of the Mystic Region. How could the three hegemonic powers of the Mystic Region be missing from it? They were why the convention could attract so many world overlords. Countless world overlords from the various locations of the Mystic Region would rush here once every ten thousand years to participate in it.

Heavenly Deity Mountain (Sent by the Heavenly Deity Mountain)

An incomparably majestic giant mountain descending from the sky, completely replacing the previous mountain. This mountain was even taller and more imposing, as though it was impossible to climb up to its peak. The entire mountain shone with a pure and resplendent light, extremely dazzling. This mountain resembled the Heavenly Deity Mountain. Those major characters all understood that this was a bout of good fortune sent by them. Everyone can enter the mountain to search for opportunities.

They prefer more ethereal things like getting people to hunt for their own good fortune. Their actions are somewhat vague. No wonder they are ranked last out of the three hegemonic powers in the Mystic Region.

Devil Divine Battle Platform (Sent by the Great Devil Divine Palace)

The experts in the Great Devil Divine Palace are all fans of combat. They have always used combat prowess to prove themselves, reveling in bloody battles. Now that a giant devil platform descended in the time realm, everyone naturally should understand that the hegemonic powers wished for everyone who came here to attend the convention to fight on top of it. The treasures we see are reserved for the victors and they are definitely extremely terrifying. Sadly, the vast majority of people can only dream about it. For treasures given by the Great Devil Divine Palace, even major characters would feel tempted to try for it. For ordinary world overlords, or even for transcendent-level world overlords, they most probably wouldn't have any chance when they fight against supreme experts from the major powers.

The Great Devil Divine Palace is as domineering and direct as ever. They sent down a battle platform, allowing those who wish to fight to fight all they want. They have already prepared the rewards, and are just waiting for the victor to claim them. This is how they always do things.

Constellation Ocean (Sent by the Ziwei Divine Court)

A resplendent beam of astral light suddenly shot down from the sky, born from the Ziwei Star. In astrology, the Ziwei Star always represented the constellation for emperors. It was incomparably majestic. A stretch of starry ocean actually appeared in the central location, spreading out into four smaller constellation seas. Each constellation sea then transformed into the shape of a human, they appeared to be illusory and extremely blurry. The four seas swept out and enveloped the entire Time Realm, shining on every expert. Next, the four illusory figures began to project the faces of the world overlords. With every moment, the illusory figures would flash and the face projected would change. When the light swept past many people, nothing happened, their appearances weren't projected at all. Only when the light swept passed those younger world overlords would the illusory figures formed from the constellation seas project their appearances.

Seems like for this convention, the Ziwei Divine Court wants to focus more on nurturing the world overlords from the younger generation. It's clear who their targets are, they directly exclude those from the older generations. Also, since the ocean split into four seas resulting in four figures, they might want to select four younger world overlords out from the crowd today. The chosen four might have a chance to join the Ziwei Divine Court.