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The City of Ancient Emperors is a realm where people of the Immortal Realms go to temper themselves. After the disciples of Heavenly Talisman Realm rejected the Eastern Sage Immortal Emperor, this is where Qin Wentian and Evergreen Qing'er reunited.

Eastern Sea

The Eastern Sea was boundlessly vast and was a place one must pass by before they arrived at the City of Ancient Emperors. It's rumored that only people with cultivation bases at the king or emperor realm could traverse this sea freely and enter the City of Ancient Emperors. The City of Ancient Emperors is a separate and independent dimension within the eastern sea. The eastern sea is sentient and there's a demon emperor guarding this place. For immortal kings and emperors, there would be a standalone passageway for them to enter.


The City of Ancient Emperors is a city that originated from ancient times. It’s said that the founders include ancient emperors of the primordial era and there are many ancient secrets hidden within. From ancient times until now, there have been countless batches of people heading there hoping to probe the secrets. As time flowed by, the City of Ancient Emperors became a training ground for the geniuses of the younger generations who stand at the peak. 


Ascendants Level

Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants will be given access to enter the first level of the City of Ancient Emperors. For juniors who wished to come to the City of Ancient Emperors, they would definitely need an immortal king or emperor to escort them. Hence, for the first level of the City of Ancient Emperors, the people there were all at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm and they all had extraordinary statuses.

Robbing people of their interspatial rings was something that occurred frequently in the City of Ancient Emperors. Those who could come here would surely have many treasures in their interspatial rings. Naturally, there were very few cases of people killing each other here because of the extraordinary backgrounds everyone had. Most of the time, the robbers would still have a bottom line and no great hatred or grudge would be formed. In addition, many experts left their immortal sense on the bodies of their descendants and disciples, the moment anyone came into mortal danger, the immortal sense would immediately activate. As for fights in here, they can be considered a form of tempering. Those major characters could be at ease and send their junior generations into this place because it was a good idea for them to endure some suffering.

During combat in the City of Ancient Emperors, everyone would have a bottom line and wouldn’t truly act to kill. After all, the vast majority of people have extraordinary statuses and there was no need to form a death grudge over some minor robbery cases. But once the participants in the fight took out immortal-ranked weapons, the weapons would be too hard to control due them still being at the Celestial Phenomenon level. This might very well cause the situation to escalate into something neither party wanted. Not using immortal-ranked weapons is also a publicly acknowledged rule in the City of Ancient Emperors.


  • Ancient Emperor Tower : It’s the largest transaction grounds in the city.
  • Immortal Palace : Palace with the inheritance of Ancient Emperor Yi, the God's Hand.
  • Underworld Mountains : A forbidden ground. There were many geniuses who entered in the past, but none have ever exited. The inheritance of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor is located there. 
  • Antiquity City : …it’s rumored that the reason the ancient emperors gathered in this city was all because of its existence. But as to what lay inside it, no one knows. 

Organizations & Sects

Immortal Ascension Rankings

The vast majority of people who come to this place are naturally here to train themselves. In this place where geniuses gather, one of the reasons why immortal kings and emperors sent all of them here was because for them to become a ranker of the Immortal Ascension Rankings. This was also the reason why so many geniuses chose to stay here for such long periods. 

The Immortal Ascension Rankings is a ranking of the strength of geniuses in the City of Ancient Emperors. There are a total of 360 spots. For those who can rank within the top 100 of the Immortal Ascension Rankings, their strength is considered right at the very peak among all Celestial Phenomenon Ascendants in the immortal realms. One can clearly imagine how heavy the weightage is of the top five ranks. Naturally, the rankings are not fixed and would change often. The rankings you see are only temporarily but no matter what, as long as you can rank within the top 100, you have already proven yourselves.

Ranking Ranking Ranking Ranking
Names Start Post







Final War

Zi Daoyang 1st 1st 1st 3rd
Mo Xie 2nd 2nd 2nd 2nd
Nanfeng Yunxi 3rd 3rd 3rd 4th
Xuan Yang 4th 4th 6th 9th
Evergreen Qing`er 5th 5th 5th 5th
Xiao Lengyue 6th 6th 7th N/A
Zhan Peng 7th 7th 8th N/A
Bone Demon 8th 8th 9th N/A
Xu Ruxue 9th 9th 10th N/A
Kun Nu 10th 10th N/A N/A
Greedwolf 12th 12th N/A N/A
Xuan Xing 27th N/A N/A N/A
Li Yu 81th 81th N/A N/A
Xia Qianhan 96th 96th N/A N/A
Tu Teng +300th +300th N/A N/A
Ji Lanshan 321th N/A N/A N/A
Qin Wentian Out 100th[1] 4th[2] 1st[3]
Jun Mengchen Out Out Out 6th
Zi Qingxuan Out Out Out 11th
Hua Taixu Out Out Out 8th
Little Rascal Out Out Out 7th
Purgatory Out Out Out 10th

Immortals Level

Immortal will be given access to enter the second level of the City of Ancient Emperors.

Immortal Kings/Emperors Level

Immortal Kings and Immortal Emperors will be given access to enter the third level of the City of Ancient Emperors.

Emperor's Fate, this is something like a stroke of fortune that can only be found in the third level of the City of Ancient Emperors. The stronger the Emperor's Fate is for someone, the more the destiny of an emperor would gather on that person. As the amount of Emperor's Fate turns corporeal, they would act as a key and open up some of the ancient secret realms within the third level. There's a rumor saying that some of the extraordinary innate techniques and secret arts currently circulating in the immortal realms, all originated from the City of Ancient Emperors. When the strength of the emperor's fate reaches a certain level, that person will be able to see things others cannot see, and come into contact with secrets obscured from the senses of others in the City of Ancient Emperors. 

For the third-level, it's known as an overlap dimension with emperors and kings being separated in the same space. In order to prevent emperors from seizing inheritances and good fortune that's for immortal kings, this was the reason why the overlap dimension was created. You guys cannot see each other, only those at the same realm would be in your vision, but in fact, emperors and kings are both in the same dimension. As for the dao elements of the other immortal realms, this is true but they wouldn't be present in all eras. Only when the rules of the City of Ancient Emperors changed and the descent of a brand new supreme era is imminent, would these dao elements appear. Also, in such an era, the price for contending for the inheritances of these dao elements, are all exceedingly great.

When a type of dao element appears, there would definitely be many experts contending against each other. The situation is immensely cruel because the inheritance of each dao elements is only limited to a single person. Hence, the vast majority who fought for it would all end up dying. As long as you want to gain an inheritance, you would have to walk on the path of blood and slaughter, defeating everyone under the heavens. Those who failed to gain an inheritance from the dao elements and is suppressed within the City of Ancient Emperors forever. But there are also many supreme characters who didn't die. Their cultivations were sealed and they were suppressed within the city. Ordinary people would have no way to sense or see them but if they have enough emperor's fate and also cultivate a similar kind of law attribute than thm, they'll be able to sense these places and see them. 

Dao Elements 

Dao Elements User
Buddhism Jiang Zihua Bujie's master
Samsara Hua Taixu
Spatial Qing`er Jia Huangtian
World Force Jun Mengchen


There are some rumors saying that the City of Ancient Emperors doesn't originate from this place, containing inheritances of dao elements of the other immortal realms. Hence, from the past eras until now, the geniuses of our realm would all head to this place, wanting to seek out bouts of good fortune for them to grow stronger. The City of Ancient Emperors is actually a divine weapon in the form of a city. It is situated in its independent space and the black dragon might be an envoy sent here to control it. There should also be other kinds of dao elements in here. This boundlessly vast City of Ancient Emperors is a separate dimension that had a possibility to be connected to the other immortal realms.

The City of Ancient Emperors is actually a supreme treasure from the upper world that connects the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms and the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms. Even if the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms had a restriction order placed on it, some powers from the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms can still use the City of Ancient Emperors as a connecting pathway to manifest their wills. This is extremely dangerous.


Divine residence, authority scepter....They are not inheritances from this world, this means that the City of Ancient Emperors might hold the key as well as secrets of the other immortal realms. These inheritances must have broken through from the endless void, arriving here to select their inheritors. No wonder ancient emperors would come here in the past and fight for these treasures. There must be a grand secret hidden here in the City of Ancient Emperors.

If you manage to reach the end of the Path of Stars, the inheritances would be obtained.Qin Wentian managed to accomplish it at the Celestial Phenomenon Realm in the first level but he needed to be at the immortal king to obtain it. So the path was sealed to wait for his return. But when he returned, the Black Dragon decided to change the rules and forsake his qualification. The era was changing and the Black Dragon wanted Qin Wentian to fight against all the geniuses of the third level. The inheritance might be from another world, but does this really give the black dragon the right to remove his qualifications? Wanting him to restart again, contending with the others? Since this is the case, Qin Wentian didn't want it any longer and chose to forsake it, even after he rose at the top of the third level.

In this universe, there's a total of thirty-three immortal realms. The dao elements came from the upper worlds, they are inheritances from supreme powers in the other immortal realms who are looking to accept disciples. Once one has comprehended a dao element and cultivated in it, they would be bound by the dao element and cannot selfishly leave this layer of the immortal realms. Once they defeat those who cultivate the same dao element as them and gain the recognition of the dao element, they can bypass the great void to reach the other immortal realms from the City of Ancient Emperors. They need not suffer the death tribulation that would occur from attempting to leave. If not, why do you think that so many elite and legendary geniuses of each era would come to the City of Ancient Emperors?

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