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Chu Wuwei iis the eldest prince and later emperor of the Chu Country. Initially he wasn't interested in being the emperor and led a life of luxury, often drinking with Immortal Drunken Wine. However when his brother, Chu Tianjiao, was intent on taking down Qin Wentian and the Qin Clan Manor to consolidate the power of the Royal Family in the country. This led to Chu Wuwei challenging his claim to the throne and later ascending it.


A young man with an extraordinary bearing.This man exuded no aura, yet his bearing seemed innately king-like. He was cultured and refined yet his looks didn’t cause him to lose any bit of imposingness.[1]


The eldest, Prince Chu Wuwei, was indifferent to worldly rewards and did not fight for control of power, possibly because he was unable to cultivate innately. However, his intelligence was at an extremely high level and out of the three princes, he was the one that had obtained the love and heart of Chu’s citizens, even more so compared to Chu Tianjiao. Other than the fact that he was unable to cultivate, he could be described as perfect.

The Emperor of Chu knew that if Chu Wuwei were to seriously contend for the throne, Chu Tianjiao would definitely not be a match for his eldest brother.

Unable to cultivate

It was discovered that he had a unique acupoint in his body and his medical case was extremely rarely seen. Chu Wuwei had exceptionally strong affinity and senses for astral energy, even stronger compared to Chu Mang. He could draw in astral energy but because of that missing acupoint, his body had no way to ‘store’ the energy. The energy he takes in would all dissipate on its own naturally.

Every time when he absorbed astral energy, he could only circulate it around his body once.

In reality, those with that unique acupoint were extremely suitable for cultivation. It was only that because Chu Wuwei didn’t know the special techniques required for these people to cultivate. This made Chu Wuwei sigh, initially he thought that he was destined never to be able to cultivate yet only to discover now that his talent for cultivation was outstanding. But regretfully, he missed the best period during his youth to cultivate and was now already thirty years old. It would be tough for him to have any accomplishments if he started now. This could only be said to be a case of fate pulling a prank on men. However Chu Wuwei being Chu Wuwei, he soon adjusted his mental state. After all, compared to a trash who couldn’t even cultivate, he was much better off. At least he could start cultivating now upon learning the special techniques. Who knows, maybe he might be able to accomplish something in the future.[2]