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Chu Tianjiao is the third prince of Chu Country as well as the crown prince. He's also ranked 2nd in the Ten Prodigies of Chu.


The third prince was young, talent edand filled with ambition. His talent for cultivation, intelligence, were all at an extremely high level and his character was well suited to be the Emperor. extremely smart, ruthless and decisive. His character was very similar to his Majesty in his younger days. He was also his most doted son. His only flaw was that he was overly ambitious. 


He was highly ambitious and sought to suppress the Emperor Star Academy but failed numerous times thanks to Qin Wentian. Eventually lost and instead of dying to Qin Wentian commited suicide without regret.

Helped influence Qin Wentian's decision of choosing the ruler of Chu Country by telling him of his ambitious and disregard for his family. Told him his elder brother was worthy of the throne and no one else was. Admitted to admiring Qin Wentian and told him he hoped for his success


  • 楚天骄 Chu Tianjiao, Chu is a surname, Tian = Sky/Heavens, Jiao = Pride/Arrogance