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He's the second prince of Chu Country as well as Qin Wentian's sworn brother. He was the first ranked of the Ten Prodigies.


The second Prince, Chu Mang, was impetuous and clumsy, but he had the highest talent in cultivation as well as the highest combat prowess out of the three brothers. In Chu, there were only a few that could approach his radiance.

This person looked extremely well built, with a herculean physique. As for his personnality he is simple-minded. He obey everything his eldest brother tell him to do.


  • Mandate of Arrows
    1. First level of Insight - Insta-Shot
  • Mandate of Axe
    1. First level of Insight - Beheader


  • Thunder God's Slash (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)
  • Stellar Transposition (Ultimate Art Of Grand Xia)
  • Golden Dragon Battle Art (Ultimate Art of Grand Xia)

Cultivation Progress

Cultivation Progress Lv. Chapter
Yuanfu Realm 5th 205
Yuanfu Realm 6th 279
Yuanfu Realm 7th 301
Yuanfu Realm 8th 334
Heavenly Dipper 1st 398
Heavenly Dipper 4th 558