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He's the last survivor of the Great Solar Chen Clan after their annihilation. As well as the owner of the third Sacred Royal Medallion.


A silhouette clad in dragon robes gazed. His eyes were incomparably sharp, and also emitted a frosty chill of anger. The eyes of this man had a terrifying flame flickering within. He was one of the remnants of the Chen Clan who had luckily escaped in time.

He opened his palm, lowered his head and stared downwards. Clutched in his hand was a mysterious ancient medallion. That was none other than a Sacred Royal Medallion. Every hundred years, the Great Solar Chen Clan would only have three. One medallion was given to Chen Fan, the second one bestowed upon Chen Wang. Both of them had already fallen, their medallions taken away by others. As for him, he was the holder of the third medallion.


Chen Yin was one of the top rankers on the Heavenly Fate Ranking. He was famous much earlier then Chen Fan and Chen Wang and was one of the characters who could summon wind and clouds in Grand Xia back in his time.

After the Great Solar Chen Clan’s destruction, Chen Yin had his heart fully set on revenge.[1] He took the Sacred Royal Medallion and eventually joined one of the Nine Great Sects – the Great Earth Sect.

it was none other than a single sentence from Chen Yin which made the Great Earth Sect want to recruit Qin Wentian at all cost. Chen Yin told them that Qin Wentian had knowledge of an Immortal Art.[2]

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