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That’s the most talented member of the Great Solar Chen Clan in the younger generations, Chen Wang. Ranked second on the Heavenly Fate Ranking.


Chen Wang of the Great Solar Clan truly lived up to his reputation indeed. A gaze capable of roasting the atmosphere, at least one of his Mandates should have already reached the second level.

As Hua Taixu would no longer compete at the ranking battle, this meant that Chen Wang of the Great Solar Chen Clan was the one placed with the highest hope and probability to be ranked first in the rankings this time around. He had stayed in the ninth level of Yuanfu for several years, and should have already completed his preparations to step into Heavenly Dipper. No one knew how many of his Mandates had already reached the second level.

He had two fire-type Astral Souls. The first one was a Flame King Astral Soul, the second, was a Magma Giant Astral Soul. Both these Astral Souls contained the explosive power of volcanic eruptions. His third Astral Soul, was actually an incarnation-type Astral Soul, granting the ability to summon clones as powerful as himself to do battle.

The combination of these Astral Souls allowed Chen Wang’s combat prowess to reach the very limits of Yuanfu. He was so powerful that he could even battle against newly ascended Heavenly Dipper Sovereigns.


Chen Wang was the perpetual number two of the Grand Xia. He finished second in the Heavenly Fate Ranking behind Hua Taixu and then Qin Wentian three years later. He was eventually killed by Di Tian.


Cultivation Progress Chapter
9th Yuanfu Realm 347
1st Heavenly Dipper 397
2nd Heavenly Dipper 444


  • Great Solar Swordplay
  • Great Solar Universe Art (Ultimate Art of Grand Xia)
  • Stellar Transpositon

Astral Souls

Astral Soul Heavely Layer
Flame Giant Astral Soul 5th Heavenly Layer