An extremely eye-catching individual with a terrifying aura. Although he looked young, that was merely his appearance. Everyone knew that this young man was an extremely dazzling figure in the Heavenly Fate Rankings three batches ago. Three batches meant almost nine years ago.

Nine years ago, he was the most dazzling character of the younger generation in the Chen Clan, Chen Fan. He had obtained the second ranking in the Heavenly Fate Rankings back then and right now, his current cultivation base was already at the fifth level of Heavenly Dipper, and it goes without saying that he was extremely powerful in combat. Before Chen Wang broke through to Heavenly Dipper, he was the sole chosen of the younger generation members of the Chen Clan in the Heavenly Dipper Realm.

He and Chen Wang, were the two candidates with the highest potential to be selected as the future leader of the Great Solar Chen Clan. Although his name was Chen Fan, he was nothing ordinary at all. Great Solar Light flashed in his eyes, like torches in the dark, capable of burning others with just a glance.


  • Chen Fan (陈凡) → Chen is a surname, Fan can mean mundane/ordinary/mortal
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