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The Che Clan wanted to create an ultimate divine weapon that could transcend everything. The Che Clan actually exhausted all their efforts of countless generations to create this divine weapon.

The generations of the Che Clan put in all their efforts to create the ultimate divine weapon but eventually, the weapon annihilated most of the experts of the Che Clan. But even so, the wills of the Che Clan also influenced the weapon and in the end, the fusion between Che Hou and the weapon took place. His body became a receptacle that wanted to digest all the energy in this world.

His aura was completely different from before. It felt more like a cold divine weapon than a human. So cold that it was terrifying. The him now was that ultimate divine weapon and that divine weapon was him

Since the Che Clan was destroyed, he wanted to create a brand new Che Clan. Right now, with his existence, the Che Clan would never be exterminated again. He would represent the entire Che Clan. His life alone contained the lives of countless members of the Che Clan.

He hated Qin Wentian. If it wasn't for Qin Wentian and the strength of the Heaven Vault, the Che Clan wouldn't have needed to escape into that dimension. He also hated the western world for using them like chess pieces, not revealing themselves and only knowing how to hide in the dark.

Right now, the vengeance of the entire Che Clan was gathered on his body which fused as one with the Divine weapon. He would definitely claim this debt of revenge back. Even though Che Hou was alone right now, he would still make the name of the Che Clan resound gloriously through the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms.


Cultivation Realm Chapter Notes
Heavenly Deity 1909
Godking 2002 Fusion with the Divine Weapon