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The Celestial Palace of the Demon Mountain City located in the Demon Continent has been founded by Fairy Qingmei. This is also the location of the secret of the Azure Emperor's legacy found at the Emperor Star Academy.

Celestial Palace Lake

The Refinement Grounds of the Celestial Lake Palace is similar to the Spirit Beasts Testing Grounds and is also one of the eighteen testing grounds of the Grand Xia Empire. It is said that the celestial lake was formed naturally, but with the addition of modifications by the Celestial Lake Palace, the level of danger here has risen as well. It is a sacred place for every peak Arterial Circulation Realm. Beside to enter the refinement lake, they are only seven spots for each session.

There’s a mysterious surge of energy that will seal the Yuanfus of Yuanfu cultivators. Upon stepping inside, cultivators at the Yuanfu Realm would be at the peak of Arterial Circulation; they are unable to enjoy the immense amount of Astral Energy from Yuan droplets stored within their Yuanfu. If not for this, there would be no point for cultivators at the Arterial Circulation Realm to come here; Naturally, even if their Yuanfu was sealed, the innate techniques cultivated by Yuanfu cultivators would obviously be stronger than those at the Arterial Circulation Realm. This was to their advantage, but could also end as unfavourable to them. Stronger innate techniques naturally meant a higher energy consumption rate. And over here, they would only be courting their own death as they have no way to replenish it from their Yuanfus.

Spots Owners
01 Qin Wentian
02 Mo Qingcheng
03 Bai Qing
04 Ouyang Kuangsheng
05 Member Mystic Moon Sect
06 Member Mystic Moon Sect
07 Wang Xiao

The secret of the Azure Emperor let in this place is the Art of the Nine Astrarium. Qin Wentian finally obtained it after entering the place.

others stuff

demonic middle-aged man ch. 287

old woman equipped with a snake staff.

An extremely withered-looking, skinny old man icily stated. The demonic light shining in his eyes was as cold as that of the old woman.

extremely alluring enchantress

  • This woman’s figure was exceedingly sexy and the clothes she wore were

designed to rouse the blood of males; they were revealing and served to further accentuate her racy figure.

middle-aged woman - her status in the Celestial Lake Palace was exceptionally high ch. 289