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He was a middle-aged man who was clad in robes that were blood-red in color, and was extremely conspicuous. He had a beard and thick brows with big eyes, as well as shoulder-length hair. With a single glance, one could instantly feel how imposing he was. Such an aura was akin to that of emperors, extraordinary to the extreme.


His personnality is that he is direct and prideful. And as a member of the band, he's also extremely shameless.

Although he ventured out from his clan and established a separate power, his combat prowess individually was extremely high. Also, he had the status of someone from the Cao Clan, those transcendent-level world overlords would still give him some face no matter what.


His identity is somewhat special. But he established his own power that is separated from his background and became an overlord of a realm. He's from a clan that controls an immortal realm. His clan was actually the overlord of the Scarlet Sun Heavens Immortal Realms.


He fled from his clan to evade an arranged marriage. His Clan arranged a wedding for him and the background of his bride was extremely impressive as well. Both sides wished to be allied through marriage. His clan approved of this, the girl he was to marry had no objections as well. However, the problem lies here. Given Old Cao's personality, how would he accept an arranged marriage? Although that woman he was supposed to marry can be considered quite beautiful, she was not a supreme beauty. Also, if he married her, it was probably impossible for him to take in concubines in the future, so how can he not escape? Now that he is alone out there, he can have as many beautiful women as he wants, how carefree is that? Old Cao is truly extremely courageous.

Cao Tian's personality was too hard, no matter what your background is, he didn't want to marry means he didn't want to marry. At most, he would simply leave the clan and set up his own power.


  • His name means " jeering at the heavens "