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A truly shameless and wretched individual. Bujie's personality is just like his buddhist title.Bujie's cultivation base is the lowest of the three reverends currently, yet his talent is the highest out of the three, it's said that Bujie is proficient in a myriad of buddhic arts and techniques, hence Buyu and Buchen doted tremendously on this junior brother of theirs. This also inadvertently caused Bujie to develop a lascivious and shameless character.


He was an orphan and was extremely mischievous when he was young. He encountered his master who brought him into the Askheart Temple, nurturing him, bringing him up, showing kindness and imparting the buddha dao to him.


Cultivation Realm Chapter
Body Refinement 1130
Arterial Circulation
Heavenly Dipper
Celestial Phenomenon
Immortal Foundation 1st Stage
2nd Stage
3rd Stage
4th Stage
5th Stage
6th Stage 1190
7th Stage 1466
8th Stage
9th Stage
Devil King Initial Stage
Middle Stage
Peak Stage
Devil Emperor
World Overlord
Devil God 1976


  • 不戒 Bu Jie → No Abstinence (Which is ironic because he is a buddhist monk)