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He cultivated the immensely powerful dao of anatta. He doesn't exist in this world but he was everywhere. The Grand Devil Lord was his current incarnation.


He was like the supreme buddha lord of the western paradise and has the golden buddhic light in the western world gathered, the shadow grew increasingly clearer and became larger and larger, becoming the largest buddha in the world. Even for people who were extremely far away, they could either see or sense the existence of this terrifying being.

Behind the ancient buddha, great solar light flared, as though this buddha was Vairocana, the Buddha of supreme enlightenment. A total of eighty-one halos surrounded him. The halos seemed to contain the faces and the will of the multitude of living things in the western world, including all the scenes, were cast onto it. It was simply incredible.


The Godking of the Western Paradise had reincarnated many times and cultivated all types of buddha daos. His main dao was the dao of anatta, and he sought great freedom. He didn't exist within the heaven and earth yet he was everywhere.


The ambitions of the Buddha Sovereign was greater than ever. He wanted to convert all lives, unifying the Supreme Ancient Immortal Realms under the banner of Buddhism.

Back then, the mastermind behind the world-destroying battle of Ancient Azure Mystic was none than the Godking of the Western World, the Buddha Sovereign. He was the one that destroyed Azure Mystic.

The so-called Buddha Sovereign was just a facade, his true nature was that of an evil devil.

His End

Qin Wentian to Buddha Sovereign “Since you like to play with fate so much, I’ll let you die from the countless calamities of fate.”

The countless calamities of fate slowly began to cause strands of his fate soul to be peeled off. For every second that passed, he felt unbearable pain, it felt like the cruelest torture in the world.

Qin Wentian to Buddha Sovereign “You will be tormented in this endless chaotic spacetime for billions of years.”

Qin Wentian sent him into chaotic spacetime, sentencing him to suffer from the countless calamities of fate.