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The Brahma Heavenly Emperor was a god of slaughter, whose name rocked the entire immortal realms. He was extremely ruthless and once slew a total of eight immortal emperors in a single battle. 


There were some who termed him as an immortal emperor—there were also some who said he was a devil emperor, and also…a demon emperor. There were simply too many legends about the Brahma Heavenly Emperor, with the most widespread rumor saying that his original body was that of a demonic beast. But there had never been any conclusive evidence to prove that he was a demon emperor. The origins of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor had always been shrouded in mist.

Although the Brahma Heavenly Emperor had never unified the immortal realms, his might wasn’t any weaker compared to those who had. At his peak, he had killed off several supremely powerful immortal emperors in quick succession, absorbing their power as his own. In fact, he was much more adept at using the powers he absorbed, more so than their original users. He was so powerful that the majority of immortal emperors in the immortal realms had feared him, ultimately deciding to hunt him down. Eventually, the Brahma Heavenly Emperor had been cornered by a total of eight peak-tier immortal emperors at Unaging Peak, and a grand battle had taken place, one that shook the heavens and earth. During that battle, all eight peak-tier Immortal Emperors died. None of them survived.

As for the Brahma Heavenly Emperor, he had disappeared completely, and had never been seen in the immortal realms since that fateful day. Nobody knew where he’d gone, and it was still a mystery to this day. This powerful ancient emperor—whose name once shook the entire immortal realms—had simply disappeared, along with his heaven-shaking secret art, the Great Brahma Art.

Nobody knew what the Brahma Heavenly Emperor’s secret art entailed. They only knew that the Emperor had depended on the art to kill several peak-tier immortal emperors—he’d absorbed the power of his opponents’ secret arts, and then turned their power against themselves, even stronger than before. By right, all the secret arts had different types of energy attributes. Yet, this Brahma Heavenly Emperor was able to unleash the power from any secret art he absorbed to an even more terrifying extent. The mysterious secret art he used was surely something unique; it must be something that no one had ever used before. With his disappearance, the Brahma Heavenly Emperor’s heaven-shaking secret art—the Great Brahma Art—disappeared as well, lost in the rivers of time.

Inheritance - Great Brahma Art

His inheritance is located in the the Underworld Mountains of the City of Ancient Emperors. Back then, the eight immortal emperors defeated by the Brahma Heavenly Emperor were actually brought here to this place. Their bodies have not been destroyed, and they were placed into the coffins instead. One of the eight immortal emperors is the Bone Race Ancestor. Even though these ancient emperors have had their power restricted to the peak of the ninth-level of the Celestial Phenomenon Realm, their combat prowess is simply too tyrannical.

Inside, A terrifying, sky-high statue. The statue resembled an incomparably gigantic demonic beast that exuded an unparalleled tyrannical aura. It had a total of nine heads and nine pairs of eyes. Each pair contained a different type of terrifying will, and each type of will possessed an intensity that could shake the heavens, unrivaled in this world. When one stared at the nine aligned heads, they could clearly feel the imposing tyranny that spoke of absolute dominance. In life, it was unknown exactly how terrifying this demonic beast had been. The nine heads extended out from one body. In addition, there seemed to be traces of a resemblance between this demonic beast and Little Rascal.

Inheritance Holders

This inheritance is separated into nine portions, and every individual can only comprehend a single portion. The immortal realms belong to the immortal emperors, and they can rule unchallenged under the heavens. If one desires to comprehend the Brahma Heavenly Emperor’s entire power, he first has to devour the strength of the other eight inheritors, gathering all nine portions of the inheritance into a single body before he can succeed Brahma Heavenly Emperor, a demon emperor. He must have regarded strength as the most important thing. The weak are food for the strong, he intended for all nine inheritors to fight against each other, devouring the comprehensions of the other eight. Undoubtedly, the remaining person would be the most terrifying existence.


  • Great Brahma Art