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Shdao Shdao 24 December 2019

Ecchi-Path Cultivation and Heavenheart Mandates

I am writing this blogpost mainly for fun and for fanfiction. Ecchi-Path Cultivation is my basically own version of 'Dual-Cultivation' (see here - ). 

Ecchi Cultivators utilise yin and yang law attributes/energies to create a resonance which makes cultivation easier and more effective/efficient for them via 'intercourse'. 

Ecchi Cultivator faction names = 

Ecchidao Temple,

Heavenly Ecchi Institute,

Devil Ecchi Cult,

Divine Ecchi Realm, 

Ecchi Draco-Phoenix Clan, (a mixed demon clan of dragons and phoenixes who are all ecchi cultivators) 

Divine Ecchi Palace, etc... 

Heavenheart Mandates 'Generator' = 

Stellar Withering Heavenheart Mandate = Can wither landforms, souls an…

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Aerethorn Aerethorn 24 September 2018

Achievements enabled

Hello there my fellow readers, how have you been doing lately?

I'm writing you to let you know that I've enabled the Wikia badges feature, allowing contributors and readers who help the wiki get better to earn Achievement points.

I hope to see you guys helping more and more and accumulating achievements and badges by improving the quality of the AGM wikia.



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Aerethorn Aerethorn 22 September 2018

Recruiting Moderators and Content providers

Hello friends, we are in the process of recruiting people to help improve the AGM wiki, If you are reading the novel and feel that you can add up to our content, in an orderly fashion, accurate and well formmated text, with excelent english written skills, drop a line here and we can discuss joining our team.

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Aerethorn Aerethorn 19 September 2018

New Admin for AGM Wikia

Hello fellow readers, the AGM wikia got at long last a new active admin.

I'm not going to say that I'll be here 24/7 nor that I'll keep everything up to date every single day, but I promise that I'll do my best to both keep it updated, and try to get active mature members involved, helping me to keep the AGM wikia alive, updated, usable and good looking.

If you are interested in joining, please drop me a line, and we can discuss a bit on how you can help the wikia.



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