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The Blackstone Devil Sect was the power governing the Blackstone Devil Island. Its authority and power was naturally immense.


Inside the devil sect, the Blackstone Devil King was the supreme sovereign. There were also four devil lords under him. The four devil lords were devil-king level characters. In addition to the most powerful Blackstone Devil King, the five of them were the governors of this island.

Under the four devil lords, they each have seven devil generals as subordinates, making it a total of twenty-eight. They were the controllers of the sect on the surface. And under each devil general, each and every one of them command a powerful regiment. These regiments were known as the Blackstone Army.

Hence, there weren't too many core disciples in the Blackstone Devil Sect. The vast majority of members are soldiers of the Blackstone Army. Their main purpose was to use their tyrannical force to subdue those who didn't want to submit.

As for the twenty-eight devil generals under the four devil lords, their cultivation bases were at the peak of devil-foundation. In addition, according to the two disciples, all of them were characters who had already glimpsed the gate leading to the devil-king realm. If not, it would be impossible for them to seize the position of a devil general, controlling many disciples and a regiment of troops.

In the Blackstone Devil Sect, all cultivation resources had to be fought for and seized. Strength was everything. They used conflict to birth more experts. In the central regions of this island, there was an impossibly vast devil palace, exuding majesticness. This place was the devil palace of the Blackstone Devil King. In the four directions of this palace, there were other smaller palaces of different styles. These four other palaces were none other than the residences for the four devil lords.


Devil King (1)

Devil Lords (4)

Devil Generals (28)

Devil Knights



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