The Blackstone Devil Island is one of the island of the Fallen Devil Region.


This particular island was governed by a sect named the Blackstone Devil Sect. The Blackstone Devil King was a supreme existence, the king of this particular island. His level of strength was at the immortal king level. There were also other immortal-king level existences on this island. For this island that belonged to the Blackstone Devil King, the island name would follow the title of the one ruling it. This was the rule of the Myriad Devil Islands.

Those who lived here all had to submit under the governance of the Blackstone Devil Sect. This aspect was much more harsh and tyrannical when compared to the immortal realms. In fact on this island, only an extremely little amount of people dared to speak about the Blackstone Devil King. It was like they were afraid of flouting some rules if they spoke of his name.



 Inhabitants of the Blackstone Devil Island

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