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She's a princess from the Darknorth Immortal Dynasty named Beiming Youhuang. She is an extremely famous beauty in the Northern Region and is someone with terrifyingly high talent and immense combat prowess.


She had a flawlessly perfect figure that matches completely with her features. However, an air of cold arrogance mixed with streaks of nobility could be felt emitted from her. This woman was too cold, lofty and seemed to have no emotions despite her fair face was so stiflingly beautiful.


Qin Wentian and her met for the first time in the City of Ancient Emperors, she was in her ghost form and tried to enter the  Underworld Mountains. But she got ousted away by the white candle of Qin Wentian.

The person who leaked the news regarding the Brahma Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance had been none other than her. Attracting all the geniuses to this Underworld Mountains, plotting to seize the inheritance of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor. 

When all the geniuses came and fought to obtain the inheritance of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor she took possession of the body of Nanfeng Yunxi and tried to slaughter her way inside. If this mysterious female obtained the inheritance, Nanfeng Yunxi would probably no longer be Nanfeng Yunxi. She would surely occupy her body forever to use as a medium to gain comprehension of the inheritance. The true Nanfeng Yunxi would disappear forever.

She tried her best, thinking of all possible methods to obtain the inheritance of the Brahma Heavenly Emperor. Now that the inheritance was right before her, but once more Qin Wentian came and spoiled it for her once again. How could she not feel anger and hostility. In the end, she couldn't obtain the inheritance.

Given herunique abilities, she was strong enough to effortlessly possess someone like Nanfeng Yunxi. There basically wouldn’t be anyone in the Celestial Phenomenon Realm capable of standing against her. Only Qin Wentian, with the power of his bloodline, was able to cause a threat and she would surely have succeeded if it was not for Qin Wentian’s meddling.


Cultivation Realm Chapter
Immortal King 925
Initial Stage - Immortal Emperor 1356
Middle Stage - Immortal Emperor 1561
Peak Stage - Immortal Emperor 1670
Empyrean 1733
World Overlord 1755
Heavenly Deity 1950
Godking 2042


  • Death Scripture (Given by the Old Freak) : allowing one to use one's soul power to kill people and control the dead. Inheritance from the Imperishable Heaven Lord. The Death Scripture is a type of offering. The true meaning isn't simply to allow one to control zombies but to offer themselves instead. Only through death could one transform into the dao. In ancient times, it's said that the Death Scripture and the Undying Scripture complemented each other. Only cultivators of the Undying Scripture could endure the dao a cultivator of the Death Scripture transformed into. 


Ocean's Heart : This necklace is named 'Ocean's Heart.' Ocean waves would manifest once this is activated, protecting the wearer, capable of withstanding strikes from ordinary world overlords without being shattered. It can be used until the energy within has completely drained away. Qin Wentian bought it for her when they were at the Heaven Immortal Tower of Time City.


  • She's the youngest immortal emperor in the history of the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms.
  • Titled number one beauty of the Darknorth Immortal Dynasty.
  • She's the sixth woman with whom Qin Wentian had intercourse.