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She was an outstanding character, a beauty whose appearance exuded magnificence throughout the generations. After she entered to Heavenly Dao Sacred Academy, her number of pursuers naturally grew as well.


In the Northern Regions of the immortal realms, the Hundred Refinements Sect and the Darknorth Immortal Dynasty had many grudges and conflicts. However, there was a princess with a high status from the Darknorth Immortal Dynasty that just so coincidentally, fell in love with this Sage Child of the Hundred Refinements Sect. The two of them decided to be dao companions and this princess was none other than the blood younger sister of Beiming Youhuang.

Once, there was an extremely powerful pursuer at the seventh-level chasing her. But after fighting against Li Yufeng in the Sky Connecting Realm, that expert was killed by Li Yufeng despite being two levels higher. This incident stunned the entire Sky Connecting Realm and in addition to Li Yufeng's status in the Hundred Refinements Sect, from then on, not many of his love rivals dared to antagonize Li Yufeng. His name, was engraved on the Sky Connecting Immortal Rock before that.


In the 200 years after the event of the great war of the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms, she would have married Li Yufeng. Their relationship was founded on the basis of love and had cemented the alliance between the Darknorth Dynasty and the Hundred Refinements Sect.


Cultivation Realm Lv. Chapter
Immortal Foundation 9th 1332