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Beauty Xiao was clad in extremely revealing robes which gave everyone the impulse to give in to their lustful urges when they looked at her. 


The Southern Governor Beauty Xiao. She was beautiful and extremely sexy, which caused her to have the title of 'beauty.' She was extremely narcissistic and hence, everyone referred to her as Beauty Xiao. She had always done things strangely and had a bizarre personality. 


She was a young miss of the Xiao Clan, her temperament was dignified and composed. Everything was fine until the Xiao Clan decided to marry her off to a clan that she hated very much for the sake of achieving their purposes. Although it's an irony to speak of this, such a method is very commonly seen among major powers. They don't feel anything wrong when they do this. Out of anger, she left her clan alone. During herwanderings, she met a man. That man was in love with her beauty and was very good at sweet-talking. However, he was a weakling and a coward. When her clan caught up to her, he actually knelt and begged them for his life, willing to forsake here. Eventually, her clan killed him but she felt no sadness at all. He might have obtained her body, but he lost his life as the price. What an irony.

The Xiao Clan captured her back, the people of her clan were as mocking and sarcastic as ever. Even the other clan whom she was forcefully engaged to, was humiliating her for rejecting the marriage arrangement. After that, she decided to become a 'slut' overnight. She broke out and the Xiao Clan and her personality also changed to the one of today. Were they not the ones saying that she's cheap? She'll show them how cheap she can be then. Since then, there were many men who wanted her body, and an example was Yin Qiu. But they only want the thrill of subduing me, using her body for their enjoyment. But, none of them had ever obtained her. All this lasted until Qin Wentian appearance. Other than her ex, he's the only man she have given her body to.


  • Phantasm Kill Finger


  1. Chapter 1606