• Total of 3000 disciples
  • Nine mountains


The Battle Sword Sect was one of the strangest sects out of the nine great sects. Not only that, the number of their experts were the least as well.

Hence there was this saying. Out of the nine great sects the Battle Sword Sect looked to be the sect most in decline. But, nobody had ever dared to look down on them before. Although their numbers were little, they would produce a world-shaking genius every few years. Also, the personality and characters of the members there were wild and untamed, using their sword to roam the world underneath the heavens, free-spirit and frivolous, but nobody dared to antagonize them. Although they didn’t have the numbers, the combat prowess of any member in the Battle Sword Sect was strong enough to rival several opponents of the same level.[1]

The Battle Sword Sect has a history of over ten thousand years and has never initiated taking in disciples before. Although the number of experts in their sect was the least compared to the other eight, there’s a saying in the Royal Sacred Region – If one enters the Battle Sword Sect, it meant that their entry to the Royal Sacred Sect was basically secured.

The Battle Sword Sect was basically a legend, back then an incomparably powerful sword cultivator had founded the sect. That sword character was rumored to be someone who had already reached the realm after Celestial Phenomenon and back when he was young, he would often roam the world with nothing but a sword in his hands, chivalrous and free-spirited, going wherever his feet took him with the earth as his bed and sky as his blanket.

After he founded the sect, his ideals were passed on, becoming the principle of the Battle Sword Sect. They didn’t simply accept disciples based on their strength and talent, in fact there were many outstanding demon-level geniuses who wanted to join but were rejected. One could even say that out of all the nine great sects, the Battle Sword Sect was the toughest sect to enter. Hence, the number of experts in the Battle Sword Sect was the lowest which made the collective strength of the whole entity slightly weaker compared to the other eight.

But even so, the Battle Sword Sect couldn’t care less. The principles of their sect was basically just do whatever you want to do, be yourself and follow your own heart. Disciples of the Battle Sword Sect enjoyed an extremely large degree of freedom, and even if one wanted to leave the sect, nobody would stop you. However despite their high degree of autonomy, the disciples of the Battle Sword Sect were all extremely united and had very good relations with each other. Although their collective strength couldn’t match the other eight great sects, when it came to individual combat prowess, none could hold a candle to disciples of the Battle Sword Sect.

Entering the Battle Sword Sect virtually guarantees one half a foot into the Royal Sacred Sect. But in fact, even if they were invited, because of their personalities and characters, the vast majority of those in the Battle Sword Sect couldn’t even be bothered to join the Royal Sacred Sect.


Sometime after the war against the Royal Sacred Sect is over, the Battle Sword Sect left the Royal Sacred Region and went to Worryfree City in the Azure Mystic Immortal Realms.


The surrounding areas were flourishing with people. Outside the Battle Sword Sect, at the threshold of crossing the entrance, there was an ancient sword embedded in the ground, demarcating their territory, Up ahead, a gigantic sword towered up towards the skies. Numerous ancient peaks connected as a number of buildings with the magnificence of celestial palaces could be seen upon it.

The Battle Sword Sect had a territory of a few hundred miles but it was situated in the middle of a flourishing area instead of the wild desolation. Outside the demarcation, streams of humans flowed relentlessly, they all had reverence in their eyes when they stared at the Battle Sword Sect.[2]

The Battle Sword Sect has a territory of a few hundred miles, and a total of three thousand disciples. The peaks of the mountains here are all connected and the disciples reside in wooden houses at the peak.

Sword Sovereigns



First Mountain

Second Mountain

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  • Bai Mou
    • A personal disciple under one of the Nine Sword Sovereigns


Grass Hut

This place is where the founder of our Battle Sword Sect used to cultivate in. Rumors have it that our founder had already reached the level of a Sword Immortal, and many speculated that his personal sword was hidden within the grass hut. Some say that there are incredibly profound sword arts within, and others say that there was nothing there at all. However, the mountain pathway up to the grass hut contains essences of the sword insights gained by the founder in his Dao of Swords.”

Gravity Mountain

The Gravity Mountain was located in a ravine deep inside a mountain range. Inside the ravine were several black-colored gigantic rocks that gave people a sense of heaviness. Several ancient sturdy trees could also be seen within the ravine. All of them had incredibly thick trunks, and were so large that not even ten people joining their hands together would be able to embrace one.


  • The picture of the sword, symbolizes the Battle Sword Sect.


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